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Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm so over it!

So, as I mentioned awhile back, I have a class with two of my friends, we'll call them A and B... well, I'm hesitant to even call A a friend now.

First, she made a better grade on the first test than I did. I went to the same high school as her and always made better grades, so I was sort of shocked. Then, she flat out confessed to me that she copied four out of five of my short answers! I was mad, but I let it go.

Lately, she's always forgetting her book, so she tells me I have to share. Yes, tells me. Last weekI opened the book, and she was like, "Did you do that highlighting?" I said yes, and she was like, "Ooooh, fancy aren't ya?" Basically making fun of me for reading the story and actually trying to study it.

Then, I finished my research paper for that class early because the teacher said he would review it. I posted on facebook that I was done will all my essays, and she commented on it asking if I had finished the research paper. I told her yeah, and that I was going to have him review it. To which she replies, "Oh, can I see it when he gives it back. I don't want to get a bad grade on this paper because he wasn't clear at all."
Excuse me?? That is the reason he gave all of us the opportunity to turn it in early, but instead of doing your own work, you are trying to use me, so that you can slack off?? I'm not giving it to her. The paper is due Monday. I won't get the reviewed copy back until Wednesday at the earliest. I am going to use it for myself.

I can handle all these things. Most of them seem like open mouth, insert foot situations, but today... today just takes the cake.

I have been having flu like body aches since yesterday. I wasn't feeling good when I got to class, and B offered me an Excederine (sp?). I told her I couldn't take it, and she asked me why. I told her that it was because I will pass it to Brentley. A very loudly goes, "He still takes the booby?!?" in a tone that resembled disgust. I told her yes, and she said, "When are you going to make him stop? Just whenever he wants? Is he going to be like 10?" For one thing, he is MY child. If I want to breastfeed him until he is 10-years-old, then who is she to judge MY parenting? And no, I am not planning on breastfeeding until he is 10. We will probably go until 2-years-old at the latest, if he doesn't wean himself before that. It just makes me mad that she was basically acting disgusted and making fun of me for doing what I always hoped I would be able to do. She doesn't have any children, so I don't understand where she gets off judging my parenting?? I am a firm believer that breast is best, and I am proud that I have been able to breastfeed Brentley for (almost) 8 months. I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. If I would have been able to go longer with Grace, then I definitely would have.

Am I over-reacting? I know that I would never do and say things like this to someone I considered a friend.


  1. That is pretty ridiculous. Especially the Brentley thing. She doesn't even have a kid, so she has no right to even give you advice! You are right, the breast is the best, and if I ever have another, that will be something I will fight to do. I wish I would have known more with Sam. Also, he is only 8 months old. It isn't like he is 4!

  2. What does she know! Urg!!! People get at me!! Breast is best!!! And I personally am jealous that you have done it!! I have 3 and didn' of my regrets:( I'm not even sure how I will do it with Balikelynne and being in school. But anyways.... She just needs to chill and back off. I hate when people act like that. Your the mom and as long as your not putting your child in danger than nobody should step in and say something. I get it all the time with the babies rear facing....people make comments when they see the girls still rear facing especially Charleigh. They are like isn't she 3...shouldn't she be forward facing by now....grrrrr! I will turn her around when she outgrows her car seats limit and that is looking at about 4 yrs old!! Oh and I actually had someone who has a boy Kaedyn's age ask why I still had him in a car seat like a baby!!! HELLO!!! I should be asking you why you have your kid in the backseat buckled like an adult?!! They were shocked to hear me say that he would stay in his seat until 85lb 5 point harnessing( of course unless he outgrows height first)!

  3. Brittany, I know right?? He's not even one yet. I think she is one of the people who is going to be selfish about it even when they have their own kids though. Like that whole, I'm not going to breastfeed because I'm not a cow, and I don't want my boobs to sag type thing. I've heard people say things like that before.

    Jessika, it's one of my regrets with Grace too. I feel like, if I would have fought harder, asked for more help, insisted there was a problem, ect. then I would have been able to keep breastfeeding her. Trust me, since you are going to be taking a semester off, breast feeding will be a lot easier. Just make sure to introduce a bottle pretty early. I made the mistake of not doing that with Brentley, and he will not take it at all now.
    The car seat thing is ridiculous! I really want to get new car seats for both Brentley and Grace. I've got my eye on one that rf to 45, ff with 5-point to 65, and highback boosters to 100. I would love to get even better ones for them, but we just can't afford them, so I figure those numbers are pretty good for what we can afford. It always kills me when I see people post pictures of their kids on fb and they are totally not strapped in right. One of my friends had her TWO year old daughter who only weighes 23 lbs in a booster!! Not even a high back. I just about died. I was going to say something, but someone else already had. Her response was that it was easier for her to buckle her in that way... I mean really??? So your convinience is more important than your child's life? I will just never understand that mentality!