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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Plans for the summer!

I get out of school May 7th, which seems like a long way away, but I only have tomorrow, Mon., Tues., and Wed. of next week, and then Mon. of the week after next left, so only five total days left! I've already got lots of fun things planned for my free summer.
For one, Grace and I are having our girls' day out on May 3rd. I know that I technically won't be out of school yet, but I'll only have one day left. I really cannot wait to spend some one on one time with my little girl!

We are also looking to put Grace in gymnastics. I have to call and find out more about it, but I would really like to, and I think she would be very good at it.

I will still be working my one day a week job over the summer, and I am planning on using this time to catch up Grace's baby book and to do Brentley's first year book. I have all the info to put in them, I just haven't put it all together.

I also want to do some fun things like planting a flower with Grace. I'm going to get her a pot and have her help me plant, then we'll take care of it together.
And our bubble day that I posted about on her before. I'm excited about that one.
I also bought some water balloons, so that we can have a water balloon fight!
And I would like to do a splatter paint activity as well.

As for big activities. We will be going to 1890's Day at the end of May for the parade and festival.
We are planning on taking a trip to the zoo, a trip to Coolidge park, and a trip to the Discovery museum at different times throughout the summer.

We are wanting to have a cookout and go back to our old neighborhood to watch the Lake Winnie fireworks on the 4th of July. You can see the fireworks perfectly from there!

And then, at the end of August will be Brentley's 1st birthday. I cannot believe he is almost 1!! He will be 8 months  tomorrow. My baby boy is growing up entirely too fast! I'm going to do a post about my plans for his party soon. I've got it pretty much planned out..

Ohh, and not this weekend, but next, I am doing a yard sale with my Nana. Hopefully I'll be able to sale a good bit of their old stuff, and put that money towards some summer fun :)


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! And some good ideas. I am sure Grace will really enjoy all of that. What are ya'll going to do for your girls day? Did you sent those ASQs back in or do you want me to get them from you and give them to her next time I see her so you can get your tickets.

    Let me know what you find out about gymnastics. She would probably be good at it. And it might be nice to get out some of that extra energy.

  2. We are going to get her pictures done, then I'm taking her to eat. Then, if it's nice outside, I will take her to the park. Not sure what we'll do if it's not. Maybe ice cream or something.

    I called them today. It's $112 for 10 weeks, which is more in our price range. It's still pretty pricey, but I think we can make it work. Especially during the summer since I won't be driving to Dalton every day. There is a $40 registration day, but it's an annual fee. She wouldn't start until May 29th though because they only have one 2 y/o class, and it's full right now.

  3. Pictures. That will be cute. Are you going to be in them or is it just her 6 month pictures?

    I am glad. I hope she enjoys it. That will save a lot of gas! It takes me a 1/4 tank just to get Sam to my Mom's, to the women's center, and then back to my Mom's and back home. Eh. Yah. I hate registration fees! So stupid.Yah. I wouldn't start her in the middle of a session anyway. So you are definitely going to put her in summer semester?

  4. Just her six month. I wanted to take her by myself, so that I could focus just on her. The last two times we've done pictures she hadn't cooperated, so I thought it just being me might help. Then I decided to just turn it into a girls' day lol.

    Well, I forgot to ask if they had to be potty trained. Who knows, by then she may be potty trained, but as long as issues with that doesn't stop us, we will be putting her in the summer session.

    Oh, and I didn't mail those forms. I can drop them by one day if you want me to.

  5. That's cool. I hope ya'll have fun.

    Oh okay. Well, hopefully not, as long as she has a diaper on. Are ya'll still making progress?

    Sure. That works. We don't have anything we gotta do today if you want to stop by.

  6. Ehh, not really. She will sit on the potty, but she hasn't gone in a while. Even when she tells me she has to go. Once I get done with school we are going to put her in underwear and take her ever 30 minutes.

    I have to work, but if I remember, I'll try to drop them off on my way to work.