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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Room Showcase: The Bathroom.

I know, it is taking me forever to post these. We have been completely unpacked for awhile now, but I have been slacking on putting the pictures up on the walls, so the rooms aren't complete. I did finish the bathroom though :)

It's a Paris theme, simply because I had a couple of Paris wall decorations that fit nicely in there. Our kitchen has Japanese wall decorations, so we joke that you can go all around the world in our place lol. We are done with the kitchen except for we still have to get our table. The living room is done except that I have to put up the pictures. No decorations in there... just pics of the family and kids :) And I have to put up the wall decorations in our bedroom. We are doing a love theme in there. I'm going to try to get a good bit of that done tomorrow.

I will also do an Easter post asap. I just did this one because it was a quick post.


  1. Very nice! I like the "around the World" thing. lol I am confused though. Do you have a mirror near the bath? We only have one mirror, above the sink. No medicine cabinet or anything...

  2. Half of the shower stall is a mirror, then one over the sink, then another on the medicine cabinet. Lots of mirrors lol. Funny thing is, Chris didn't know there was a mirror on the shower. He said the first time he got out of the shower, he closed it, and saw a naked man standing next to him. He said he was about to punch, then he realized it was him in the mirror LOL. I about died laughing.