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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fun, fun :)

We took the babies to a local amusment park today, and they LOVED It! Grace has been before with Chris and his mom, but I had not gotten to go with them. It was so fun to watch how she enjoyed the rides. This child is a major DAREDEVIL. Nothing, I repeat, nothing scares her. I'm pretty sure she would have rode the roller coasters if she was tall enough.

We rode lots of stuff... the kiddie rides, the little roller coaster, the scrambler, the carousel, and more, but the part she liked most was the water play area and the playground lol. Give this girl a playground and she is content for hours lol.

Brentley could only ride the choo choo train and the carousel. He really liked the carousel. He sat in my lap in the chariot thing, but he kept, standing up on me, bouncing, and waving at the people behind us lol.

This is when we first got there.

Grace was eager to go in lol.

Boat ride.

Boat ride again.

Grace and me om the kidde roller coaster.

Brentley and me on the carousel.

Grace on the carousel.

Grace at the water play area.

Brentley at the water play area.

We had a really good time! Chris and I want to go there on our next date, so we can actually ride some stuff lol.


  1. TOO CUTE! Is that the water in Chattanooga or is there one at Lake Winnie? I have never been there. Sounds like it would be a good date for ya'll.

  2. They have one in Lake Winnie now. It and they playground were just installed within the last couple of years. I can't believe you've never been?!?!? That seriously blows my mind. I've been at least once every year for as long as I can remember! You HAVE to go there. Sami would love it! They have tons of kid friendly rides. There is a whole kiddie section, and there are other rides that kids can ride as long as they have an adult present.