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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cake, anyone?

So, Brentley's first birthday is in a little over four months, and me being the huge party planner that I am, I have already starting planning it.
It's going to be in the same place that we had his baby shower, and we are going to do a first birthday theme. I picked that theme because you can only have a first birthday once (same reason I did it for Grace).
I think we are going to go with the "One-derful" theme that Party City has.

I decided that I wanted to have a cake made for Brentley to match his decorations, like we did for Grace's first birthday. I contacted a lady on my facebook. Her cakes are amazing (so much better than the one we had done for Grace. I wasn't thrilled with it). She does them out of her home, so I'm thinking... how much can they be? Well, turns out, they can be A LOT! Like $100+. Yeah, we don't have that kind of money just for a cake. So, I figured he'd just end up with a cake from Wal-mart or something.

Well, I was browsing Pinterest, and I found a recipe for homemade fondant, so of course, the wheels in my heads were spinning lol... I thought, I can make Brentley's cake! Yeah, so I have no idea if I really will be able to, but fondant actually seems pretty easy to make. It's just marshmallows, confectionate sugar, water, and food coloring. The real task will be getting it to look right on a cake.

I'm going to buy the ingredients sometime this week and give it a go just to see what I'm actually capable of. If it is anywhere near presentable, then I'll keep practicing up until Brentley's birthday, and I will make him a matching cake!

I really hope this works out lol. We'll see. If it does, then I'm going to make Grace's cake for her birthday as well.
Who knows, maybe I could get good enough to start a business like the lady on facebook did. She just made her first cake a few months ago, and people are literally fighting over getting her to make a cake. She is booked until July! I don't know that I would ever be that good, but I will be happy if I can just make some good looking cakes for my babies :)


  1. Sounds like a good idea. Buying fondant doesn't cost much either. It is pretty easy to use. I used fondant for the first time on Jessie's birthday cake this year and it turned out pretty well.

    Hopefully you can find some good ideas on Pinterest too.

    I can't wait to start planning Sam's party. We will start after Kylie Jade's party in May. lol

  2. Lol girl, why wait? I already have Grace's entire party planned :p

    I hope I can make a cake turn out well. I want to do a two-tiered cake for him and a smash cake to match it. I'm going to buy the stuff to try it out tomorrow.

  3. Ha Ha. That's hillarious! You should post your plans.

    I usually wait because she may change her mind or something. And I don't want to plan and buy to far in advance. Plus, if I plan it all now, I will have nothing to plan when it gets closer to time. :)

    That is a great idea! I Love smash cakes. Sam did not like hers. She is like me. Good luck!

  4. I'm planning on it. i just haven't had time to post them yet. It will be a long post because I have lots of ideas for her party. This is probably going to be the last year where I get to plan it. Next year, she will probably want to pick her own theme :( They grow up too fast.

    Grace didn't really care about her smash cake. She just kind of poked at it lol. But I don't want to stick the whole big cake in front of him, so he will have a smash cake lol.

  5. Your ideas sounds so cute! I know what you mean. Sam wants to pick her own theme. I still get to plan, just let her pcik the theme. At least you still get to do Brentley's. lol

    Yah. We did a little bitty smash cake. She got it for pictures though, not her birthday.