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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sooo excited!

You know those big sister/little brother shirts I posted awhile back? Well the ones I wanted aren't made anymore, so I had to search elsewhere.. cheapest thing I could find was $23 each, and it would be $6 shipping. $50 for two shirts they are going to grow out of in a heartbeat is not exactly my idea of a good deal. So I got an idea.. there is a local lady on my facebook who normally just did bows (and is where I got a lot of Grace's bows from.. in fact I'm getting Grace's Easter bow from her), she has just recently started doing shirts, and she's actually really good at them. I asked her if it would be possible for her to do the big sister/little brother (or sister) shirts, and she said she could, and then I asked her how much they would be.. $12 each!!! Plus she is local, so I just meet her, I don't have to pay for shipping! AND you can pick the color shirt you want from her.. the other place only did white shirts, and we all know white and babies/toddlers doesn't go well together. So I am going to get Grace's on a pink shirt and the new baby's on either a pink or blue shirt.

This is sort of what they will look like.. They are going to have a different pattern and of course they will have Grace's and the new baby's names, but they will be the circles with "big sister" in the outside ring like that. I'm so excited! Only $24 for both!! I told her I will definitely be ordering them after we find out what the baby is.

Also, since I mentioned it..
This is going to be Grace's Easter bow, but she is putting it on a headband because Grace won't wear regular bows anymore.

Ohh and I am 17 weeks as of yesterday! 11 days until we find out the sex of the baby!!


  1. Gosh! I can't believe you are almost half way there already! He will be here before you know it. I hear the second pregnancy goes by faster because you are planning and taking care of a baby. =p Cute shirts! I need to start looking at local stuff. I just spent $30.00 on matching aprons for me and Samantha, which isn't bad because I got free shipping and all, but I still have to pay to get them embroidered if I decide to. Some things I order are rediculous!

  2. AWWW!! These are so cute! HAHA!! Cant wait to see the new baby.
    I saw a newborn today and it made me realize how big Ellanoa has gotten. CRAZY!!