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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A day in the life..

of a mom with a hyperactive child..

After about the 1000th time of dancing to "I Love You" and cleaning up milk that Grace deliberatly dumped out of her cup, I decided it was time to make dinner. So I figure out what I'm going to make, and I open up the drawer with the pots and pans. I get the pan out I need, but of course I can't close it because Grace is already digging through it. She pulled out every single pot and pan, then decided one of them looked like a good seat, so she set in it with her stuffed dog while I was cooking lol. I wanted to get a pic, but couldn't find my camera.
Once dinner was done I sat her one the couch with some mashed potatoes. She is normally really good about eating mashed potatoes on her own because they stick to the spoon. While she was eating I decided I would clean up the pots and pans, and the rest of the kitchen. It took me like 5 five minutes, but when I walked back in the living room I suppose Grace had decided that the mashed potatoes looked more fun to play in than eat.. both her and the couch were covered!
So I take her and put her in the bath tub. I walked out to clean the couch off. It took me literally a minute, but somehow my wonderful daughter had managed to soak the bathroom floor! Lol. So I proceed to clean the mashed potatoes off of her while she proceeds to soak me as well.
While I am cleaning up our new lake of a bathroom she brings me a bag of Reece's Pieces. I open them, and we walk to the kitchen. She sits down in the kitchen floor (where she can see Barney still) to eat them, so I decide to sweep the living room while it is vacant. I have my back turned to her and what do I hear? Well...

You get the idea lol.
It is never ending with this girl! She is always into something lol.
Thank goodness I'm getting the next couple of days off.. I'm not supposed to be, but I'm playing hooky lol. Tomorrow one of my classes was cancelled and I don't feel like driving 20 miles there for one class and then turning right around and driving 20 miles back, plus the notes for the class I'm going to miss are online. Then the next day Chris has a dentist appointment, so we need the car to take him there. One class I don't mind missing because I have made OVER a 100 on everything I have done in there, and in the other class I have a friend who is going to email me the notes. So it's not going to hurt me to miss these next two days, and it will give me time to get everything together for the party :)

Speaking of my wild child.. this is what she is currently doing..
It is pouring down rain outside. The hole was already there when we moved in, and it fascinates her. She tries to stick her toys out all the time. Ohh and the hole is not in the window.. the window is open and the hole is in the screen.

Then she was licking her wet hand :p

She never fails to make me laugh :)


  1. it sounds like you got your hands full.!! i can't wait to see you saturday.!!

  2. Haha ohh yes!! I can't wait to see you guys either!

  3. She's too cute! This gives me an idea for a post. =)

  4. Just like Charleigh I swear. Haha!!! To funny. Welcome to my life.

  5. I really wish we could get Charleigh and Grace together. I think they would be best friends!