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Monday, March 14, 2011


Still trying to cope with this nausea.. This morning I woke up feeling like total crap. I didn't eat anything, but I took some water and saltine crackers with me to school. For my entire first class I was miserable... then by the time my second class started I was feeling a little better, so I ate some of the saltine crackers. This was at about 1:40. I felt fine after that and then in my lab class we had to go outside to this stream we have on campus. It is up a hill and when we got up there I was out of breath and my heart was beating really fast.. I started feeling like I was going to throw up and then everything started spinning. Then my eyes blacked out, I couldn't see a single thing, so I sat down right there on the driveway. I didn't care what people thought at this point.. I was seriously fixing to pass out. Once I sat down I got my vision back, but my hearing went. All I could hear was muffled voices, and the stream that was five feet from me sounded like it was just a drizzle coming out of a faucet. It scared me half to death.. I didn't know what was going on or if I was going to be okay. After I sat for a minute it all came back. I still felt dizzy, but not like that. This happened around 3:30. I am guessing that was my blood sugar screaming at me since I had only had a few crackers and water.. Should I call my doctor or is this normal? I just don't know how to balance this.. I can't eat when I feel like crap. I guess I am going to have to start carrying a candy bar or something with me like a diabetic person does. After class I went home and ate.. I have still been getting dizzy on and off all day though. Do you guys think I should call my doctor? I didn't have any of this with Grace so I have no idea what to do..


  1. That sucks but I know how it is. I actually was like this with all of my pregnancies. It cam be contributed to blood sugar,stress, blood pressure,etc. Though it can be normal to get extremely dizzy it is always a good idea to bring up stuff like this to your ob. They may be able to give you something or at least advice on what to do to prevent it and handle it when it does occur.

  2. I'm definitely going to bring it up with her, but my appointment isn't for two and a half more weeks. Hopefully I will be able to control it from now on. No one in that class knows I'm pregnant.. they were all looking at me like I was being extremely lazy. I really didn't care though. It's none of their business anyway.

  3. Well see how it goes for the next couple days and if you feel like you need to ask sooner than do it. Dont worry about your class. your right it isnt their business anyways.

  4. That is exactly what happened to me with Samantha. Only I didn't sit down quick enough and I did pass out. I went to the doctor. They said it would be okay. My sugar was too high. I drink a "Crush" and I hadn't eaten anything that day. Anyway, it only happened once to me. Hopefully it was just a one time thing for you.