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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Never again!

Okay, so I worked that job today, and I HATED it. I had to sit and watch this woman's closed door for hours on end with no one to talk to. I took some school work and Grace's baby book, but I ended up finishing both wayyy before I thought I would, so I had nothing to do. She didn't even come out of her room until 2 pm (I had been sitting there since 10 am)! When she did come out I was elated.. I had something to do!! She went downstairs and sat down to listen to some hymns.. this part I actually liked.. there was these two old men playing their guitars and singing and everyone was singing along. It was so cute. We sat down there for about an hour, then she got up, made a lap around the building and went back to her room. She came out again around 4:30 pm. She made a lap around the building, sat down and talked to some other ladies for a minute, made another lap, then went back to her room. It was about 5 at this time. She never came out again.. some escape artist this woman is huh? At one point during her laps around the building she walked right past an open door.. she didn't even pay it attention! She's not going anywhere. But anyway.. as I said she never came out again after 5. At around 6:30 a nurse went in to give her medicine, came back out and that was the last time that door opened. However, while I was sitting there waiting for it to open, I heard one person screaming over and over like he or she was in agony, another person groaning and moaning like he or she was in extreme pain, and another person banging on the wall over and over and over for about 15 minutes straight. Then I had a lady come by and ask me where the lady from Chattanooga was.. you could tell she was senial (I am not being mean here.. just honest). I told her I didn't know. Then she came back by and asked me how to get out of there. I told her I didn't know again. She came back by again with a small ouch, and started telling me what was in it. Then she said "Do you want me to show you so you know I'm telling the truth?" I told her I believed her, but she showed me everything in it anyway. Then she came back by again and did the same exact thing. This time a nurse saw her and told her to go to her room (in a nice way). She walked off, then came back and asked me where her room was. Again, I had to tell her I didn't know. That was the last time I saw her. Then I saw someone else out of the corner of my eye. This person came right up and stood beside me, so I looked up at her and she said "Can you help me find some pants?" I looked down and the poor lady was in a diaper.. no pants! Who was watching these people?? This lady was senial as well. I told her I didn't know where her pants were and I asked her if she knew where her room was because that was probably where she could find some pants. She just stared at me.. like she was going to hurt me. Then she walked off. A few minutes later, she comes back with pants, and walks up to me and just stands there. So I was like "You found your pants. That's good." I swear she had it out for me.. she just stood there for literally 5 minutes staring at me, and then she walked on by giving me the death stare. Finally at 8 I went and found a nurse and told her that Chris' mom told me to leave at 8, but I wanted to make sure they didn't need me. Do you know what this woman said?? "Oh yea, she was in bed when I went in there to give her her medicine." Seriously?? An hour and a half ago?? I am not cut out for this at all. My nerves were so rattled when I left there. I cannot sit for 10 hours talking to no one, staring at blank walls, listening to and witnessing people not being cared for.. I just can't. I will go tomorrow because I said I would and they have no one else, but I am never going there again after that. And I am taking a LOT more stuff with me tomorrow. I am going to make sure I'm busy the whole time. Ohh and they never gave me a break.. ten hours with no break! I am lucky I had brought some snacks with me. I was starving when I left. I will be packing food tomorrow.

Okay now for what I can come up with for Grace..

1. Most of you already know this, but Grace is her middle name. Her first name is Amberlee, which is my middle name (Amber) and Chris's middle name (Lee) put together.

2. She gives the BEST hugs in the world.

3. She kisses Barney (on the TV) more than she will kiss me, but she's doing this because she thinks it's funny. When I ask for a kiss she will turn away and laugh.

4. She is scared of carousels.. which is really weird for her because she's not scared of being tossed in the air, turning upside down, doing flips, going down slides by herself, and anything like that, but she is scared of basically the simplest amusement park ride there is..

5. Nothing is child proof with her. She can open child proof bottles like they were already open. We learned this quickly and she never injested anything.

6. She loves dogs! It doesn't matter how big and/or ugly they may be.. she LOVES them

7. She will dance to any music from Christian, to children's, to rock, to country, to heavy medal lol.

8. She loves the Geico commercial about the little piggy who cried wee wee all the way home although they don't really play it anymore. I found it on youtube though, and I will randomely play it, and she drops whatever she is doing to watch it lol. I'm not really sure what she likes about it.

9. She is my best friend in the world. I love coming home and getting a big huge hug for her. It is so precious to watch her face light up when I was walk through the door and to hear her say "hey!" and run to me. I think I'll have to video that and put it on here for you guys. It is so cute! And I tell her everything.. I am that weird lady in the store who's like talking about the weather to her 1 year old. Everyone looks at me funny, but I really don't care. Like have you guys ever seen that commercial where that woman is in the laundry mat saying all sorts of weird things, and then it shows that she is talking to her baby.. that IS me lol. She can't talk back yet, but one day she will. I'm just waiting for that day!
That's all I can think of for now..

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