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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not sure we are going to..

get to find out the gender as soon as we thought.. The lady I know only works Thursday's and she wants me to come this coming Thursday because she is not going to be there the Thursday after next. I'm not sure what to do. I will have to miss school to find out, so I have to find out if I have any tests or anything on those days before I can go. We'll see. I'm hoping to wait until 17 weeks.. not 15 weeks. We'll see though. I guess I'll just have to call her back and see how it works out. If I can go at 17 weeks I will be finding out the sex 3 weeks from today though!!

Also, we went and had my air conditioner and tail light looked at today. He got them both working and only charged us $22! He says I may have a freeon leak though, so we will have to watch it, and call him if the air stops working again. If I do have a freeon leak he is going to put some stop leak stuff in there, and see how that works. But anyways.. I have a completely working car for now :) The air is really cold too! I had it on the lowest setting and I was still freezing lol. No burning up for my babies.

I have gotten almost everything on my list done.. The house will be completely finished by Sunday for sure. We got my car fixed for cheap! We took Grace out on not one, but two family outings. I kept up with my school work and will have it all finished by the weekend. I called all the places I needed to call to change our address.
There is only one other thing we need to do before I go back and that is shave Ollie, but that will have to wait until Saturday because I have a doctor's appointment and I have to work tomorrow.

Wish us luck that this will work out for the ultrasound. If it doesn't I am thinking it will only be one week longer til we can find out, so it's not a huge deal, but it's still another anxious week lol.


  1. That sucks. I know waiting sucks. Can't you go on another day when somebody else is doing the ultrasounds or do you just want her to do it?

  2. I feel really rude doing that because she is really wanting to see me. This lady used to be like my second mom, so I don't want it to seem like I am only going to see the baby. I would really like to get to see her too.