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Thursday, March 3, 2011

These things really just get under my skin..

"All of the "good girls" I grew up with have had a baby now. They sure as hell had me fooled. What is happening to the world?!?"

My ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend posted this as her status on Facebook today.. When I read this all I could think was hypocrit!!!

This is the girl that I have talked about before that liked to try to get under my skin by bragging to me about being with my ex. She didn't act like she was bragging, but I could tell she was. I could have cared less though because he was a piece of crap. I tried to tell her that many times, but she wouldn't listen.. guess where he is now? Sitting in jail until his court date for stealing over $10,000 worth of stuff! You know what makes her a hypocrit though? SHE was pregnant with his baby and lost it!! She came crying to me about how she didn't want children, but they had gotten attached and were actually getting excited. Over the next couple of months she continued to tell me how they were trying to have a baby, but she wasn't getting pregnant. Must be a lucky girl... Heaven forbid it happen to her "world." And to think I actually felt bad for this girl back then. I wish I was a mean person.. I could call her out in a heart beat.. I just don't have the guts to do it.

Also, this is the girl that just a month ago on my birthday said, "Happy birhtday beautiful girl," comments on my pictures of Grace talking about how adorable she is, told me that Grace deserved to win the photo contest she was in, and "liked" my album of the new baby. I thought she was actually being nice since she broke up with my ex, but I'm guessing it was all just part of her sick game.. such a two-faced person.


  1. Omg!!! Whatever!!! I would definitely call her out. You are to nice. She sounds like she goes with whatever the people around her at the time are doing. Annoying.

  2. Well I did the next best thing lol.. this is currently my status.. "I love how people have statuses bragging about not being a mom, and basically calling us crazy, but in reality they don't know what they are missing!"