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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Okay guys.. correct me if I'm wrong.

Chris went to work today, and since it's during the week there are different people there then there was when I was there. Apparently there is this 21 year old girl working there during the week, and Chris said she spent the last hour basically pouring her heart out to him. She told him about her jerk of an ex, and about how the guy she was interested now is acting like he's not interested in her anymore. She was telling him about how she like motorcycles and Hondas and stuff. Ohh and also how the guy she liked had a little girl, and she loved that. He also said she made it clear that she was single, and made it clear that she likes to have sex, but her ex didn't and that's why they broke up.
Ohh and the reason they started talking was because she had the password for the internet, and he asked her what it was so he could bring the computer next time. Instead of writing it down, she asked him for his number so she could "text it to him."
I tried to tell Chris that girls do not just pour their hearts out to anyone, talking about how they like sex, and asking for phone numbers, and they definitely don't spend an hour doing so.. UNLESS there is some other motive. He swears they were both just bored, but I think this girl thought he was hot, and she sees that it's going no where with this other guy, so she thinks she might see potential in Chris.
What do you guys think?

I am not jealous here.. I am just wondering if I am right, and this girl was basically hitting on him or I'm just digging too deep into this and it really was innocent.

If it wasn't innocent it sort of upsets me that a girl would act that way around someone who she knows is engaged, with one child, and another on the way.


  1. im the most jealous person ever so im just telling you right now if it were me id be tellin this HOE to leave my man alone!(excuse my language it just makes me mad that there are people out there that would do that) but thats just me as i said most jealous person ever. lol. but yeah i dont think you are digging too deep & she is trying to stir up some crap if she knows that he is with you.

  2. Ya. She is probably hitting on him. I would just ask Chris to stay away from her.

  3. Your right. And yep there are girls out there that just dont care.

  4. I was hoping I was wrong lol.. I knew I wasn't though. I think I'm going to have to make an appearance down there or something. Bring him lunch and make sure she sees that I am real lol.