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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thank Goodness!

Chris is going to be the one following the lady around at the nursing home now. I just couldn't agree to do that anymore. I literally had a nightmare about that place. I was lost in there and I couldn't find my way out. Every time I opened a door there was a dead person behind it.. and they looked nasty like they were decomposing. It was one of the worst dreams I've ever had.
And now Chris is going to be doing it lol. At least the money will still be coming in because I will say it is easy money. Unfortunately that means our schedule is going to be even more busy.. We have to drop Chris off at 10 am, then I have to drop Grace off at my moms by 11:30, so I can go to school. After school I have to go pick Grace up at  3:30, and then we have 4 hours to kill before we have to go pick Chris up at 8:00 pm. We aren't sure how often he is going to be work there. probably just 2-3 days a week. At least it does fit around our schedule. We aren't having to try to find rides or anything. And I am so thankful that my mom is here for me and is willing to watch Grace. She is such a good Grammy :) And Grace loves going over there because she loves to play with my sister and her millions of toys lol. I have a feeling my mom is not going to be very happy when I tell her Grace is no longer allowed to have a bottle though. That is what gets Grace to go to sleep easy, and now she's not going to have that.

Speaking of which, Grace has not had a bottle for three days now! I am sticking to this. I realize that if I give in to her then we'll just have to go back through all of this again, and it will just make it harder on her, so I haven't given in. Unfortunately that means I am barely getting any sleep because Grace fights sleep to no end now. And she breaks my heart because she will look at me and say "ba ba" in this pitiful little voice. I just keep telling her we don't have that anymore. I will also give her a sippy cup.. that helps some, but for the most part we just have to wait it out until she is too exhausted to keep her eyes open anymore. I've tried everything.. rocking her, laying down with her, laying her down and patting her (that worked once, but didn't work last night). I know several of you have gone through this already.. any suggestions for how to make this process easier on us??


  1. That is good that Chris is doing it. That dream does sound scary! We give Samantha a cup to go to sleep with, but we never had a problem with the bottle. Sorry. =( Maybe you can try those soft tip transition cups like Nuk. That is what we used at first.

  2. HAHA!! OMG!! Brittany you beat me to it. I was going to say the NUK transition cups worked for Charleigh who sadly didnt get off the bottle until she was 18 you said Grace screams and ask for it Charleigh did the same. kaedyn was easy at 12 months we took it away and that was that.

  3. She actually did a lot better last night. She fell asleep at her normal time without much of a fight. We have been giving her the NUK and that's the ones that seem to call her down, but she still knows it's not the same thing. I took one with her to my mom's today, so hopefully that will make it a little easier for my mom. She seems to be getting over it pretty quickly though..
    I just know she doesn't need it anymore. She can drink from soft tip sippy cups and hard tip sippy cups, as well as straws. I don't mind her having it at night so much, but she wants it during the day if she gets it at night, so we are doing away with it all together so we don't confuse her.

  4. yeah we never had a problem taking the bottle away. but im also one of the only people i know that didnt ever give the boys a bottle at bedtime. lol. so when we took the bottle away it was just a food object not a comfort object and i think thats why they didnt really care when we took it. i was worried when to took it though cause i had heard so many stories about how hard it was to take away the bedtime bottle but as i said we didnt give them bottles in bed so it wasnt a problem but we do give them sippys in bed so that might be another story. lol. good luck!