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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stealing the ten facts from Jessika :)

1. I am terrified of just about everything.. heights, falling, the dark, being home alone, spiders, snakes, losing my teeth, losing a child, failing, you name it I am probably afraid of it.

2. I am a chronic over-achiever. I made an A in every single one of my high school classes. Not only that though.. I do extra credit when I don't have to. I made a 120 on my last music appreciation class because I couldn't help but use every last bit of my extra credit. My teacher actually walked up to me and said my score was "ridiculous" because no one had ever made that high on any of her tests.

3. I cannot sit still. I am the person who swivles back and forth if the chair moves side to side. If the chair doesn't move side to side my foot is probably bouncing.

4. I am an acousticophobic.. which literally means "fear of noises" but I don't think of it that way.. I'm not afraid of the noises.. I just can't stand them. Anything repetitive is impossible for me to ignore.. like someone tapping a pen or their fingers, someone popping their gum over and over, someone chomping their food, a tv on when I am trying to sleep, snoring.. there are other things too, but these are the only ones I can think of right now. If someone is doing one of these things it is all I can focus on. I try my hardest to ignore it, but it's impossible. It's really hard to explain unless you have it yourself. If anyone is wants to know more about it True Life did an episode about phobias and there is a guy on there with acousticophobia. The show explains it better than I can.

5. I have only broken one bone in my entire life and it was only a hairline fracture. My "friend" pushed me off the monkey bars when I was nine because I was in her way, and I got a hairline fracture in one of my ankles. I can't even remember which one now. I had to wear an aircast, and I was walking again in two weeks.

6. I used to be a very active person. I played softball from the time I was 6 until I was 14. I started dancing when I was 2, but didn't really get into it until I was about 6 and I continued to dance until I was about 14. I did gymnastics on and off from the time I was 2 until I was 11. I played soccer when I was 10 and then again from the time I was 12 until I was 14. Dance and softball were my passions though. I graduated out of the top class where I danced when I was 14. I would love to teach a dance class one day. As for softball.. I was a natural. I played first base on almost every single team I was on and I batted at the top of the line up. I stopped all of that when I started high school though. Much to my parents dismay.

7. I am left-handed, and so is Chris, but Grace is right-handed.. it's going to be fun trying to teach her how to write lol. Random fact.. only 8% of people are left-handed.

8. Sweet tea is MY drink. I can't get enough of it.

9. The texture of food is and always has been a major issue for me. If something is really tough, slimey, hard, etc. it makes me gag. I cannot stand the texture of ground beef. You will never see me eat a hamburger or meatball or anything like that. My hot dogs have to be grilled, my balogna has to be fried, and I rarely eat those two things. I will only eat chicken nuggets from Chic-Fil-A, and I will only eat white fish. Pretty much.. I don't eat much meat at all, and when I do it is mostly chicken.

10. I am the oldest of 3 children. My brother is 13 MONTHS younger than me and my sister is 13 YEARS younger than me lol. And all of our names start with C. Christina, Cody, and Cheyenne.

So as you can see I am a pretty strange person. You guys probably didn't know many of these things about me.. I don't really talk about them because I try to focus on my daughter and pretend they don't exist. I would honestly love to not have some of these things, like the fears, acousticophobia, and food texture issue, but I just can't control them. Hopefully you guys don't think I'm weird..


  1. i am afraid of a lot of stuff too. Like heights,the dark, intersections(really), the interstate, failing, losing my children and hubby, heart surgery for my tachycardia, airbags...a lot of stuff.
    I can not sit still either but yall already knew that.
    I think i might have that acousticophobic thing too. seriously...all that stuff you listed gets to me real bad to.
    I was very active to gymnastics for a bit, dance when i was small, soccer, pt team, drill team, academic team, horseback riding, the wheels thing etc...
    I LOVE sweet tea. My fav!!
    I HATE fish. UGh!!! Cant stand it. But like you I am not a big meat person. A lot of calories.
    Also I was anorexic. I wouldnt eat anything but dinner when I was 12-14 years old. I would only eat that because we all sat down to dinner. After dinner I would lock myself in the bathroom and would do 300 situps and 100 pushups. I didnt 300 situps and 100 pushups 3 times a day. it got the point that if I gave in and ate I would bang my head on my bed post. In highschool I got away with not eating because I had practice during dinner. I would look at stuff and get sick knowing that there was a bunch of calories in it. i count like 30 calories a lot. I am still like this. I am very self conscious when it comes to my body. I hate it. I dont know if it will ever stop. I am still struggling. I am 135 and i believe i am HUGE!!! People keep commenting on how skinny i am especially for just having a baby. I hate it. I feel like they are mocking me. Drew says i have a distorted view but I know what I see and mirrors dont lie.

  2. Christina: I didn't know some of those. I am afraid of a lot too, mostly anything that could cause pain, but most of all, I am TERRIFIED of losing Samantha. I'm about to do my random facts. Ha Ha.
    Jessika: Girl, you do look good. I PROMISE!!! I am sorry you don't feel like you look good. I feel the same way about my stretch marks. Jessie says they aren't that bad, but to me, they are HORRIBLE!

  3. Brittany: Thanks. I cant imagine your stretch marks being any worse than mine. And at lease you dont have love handles and a not so toned flabby tummy.
    Honestly I think Drew says that stuff just to be nice.

  4. @ Jessika.. we have a lot more in common than I ever knew! Lol. Have you ever watched that True Life ep? It's worth watching.. it helped me understand a lot about it, and even helped me to cope with it sometimes. And girl you weigh less than I do lol. And I think you are taller than me too. I know I have a distorted body image.. I find things wrong with myself all the time. I got it from my parents.. my mom has a very bad distorted body image herself, and then my dad is just a pig when it comes to women.. He always has to point out what he thinks is beautiful.. Tall, stick thin, tan, straight, bright white teeth. It hurts because I am none of those things.. It's very hard to feel beautiful when it's obvious that you're own father doesn't think you are. But girl.. I seriously do think you are very pretty!! Not just for just having a baby, but for it being your third baby.. you look amazing! I promise I am NOT mocking you. I wouldn't do that.

    @Brittany.. you are terrified of needles. I know that lol. I guess that goes along with the pain. If there is a parent out there who isn't terrified of losing their child(ren) then they don't deserve to be a parent.. *cough* Jenelle *cough*

  5. I do need to check out that episode. My mom loves to bring up the fact that I am fat. Even when I was little. I remember when I was 3 coming down the stairs with my older perfect sister and sitting at the counter waiting for a bowl of cereal. My mom gave my sister one and looked at me and said that I didnt need to eat that I needed to diet. my whole life still to this day my mom loves to bring up how fat I am and my little 18 year old sister loves to rub it in too. I would give anything to at lease have the flat stomach I use it is all gross stretched out skin.

  6. That is just crazy! Why would she do that?? My mom told me that I looked pretty in this jacket I had a couple of months ago. It is the only time I can every remember her saying that, and my dad has never said it. It's not that they tell me I'm ugly.. it's just the lack of telling my I'm not.
    I tell Grace she is pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, every chance she gets. I know it's bad, but I would rather her be one of those people with an over inflated ego than someone who has body image issues. Hopefully she will just be confident in herself though.

  7. My mom is a jerk. I am her "black sheep." Her words. I tell my babies that they are pretty all the time or in Kaedyns case handsome. I am like you. I rather them have an ego than body image issues.
    And you are crazy to think you arent pretty. I love you smile. Mine is all crooked and I have mad brows. UGH!! I hate my hair. Yours is so pretty. Mine is so plain and BIG!!! It frizzes easily and takes 30 minutes to straighten. Is i dont straighten then I look like i stuck my hand in a socket. O and sometimes it is really staticie. You are beautiful. Im plain.

  8. Well if you are the black sheep I'd hate the be the white sheep lol.
    I don't think I am ugly, I just don't feel like I am beautiful. Luckily Chris does though lol. And funny thing is I was going to say that I was jealous of your smile.. I see nothing crooked about your smile. Looks like you have perfectly straight white teeth to me. I need braces, but my family can't afford them. I plan on getting them when I have the money.. I don't care if I'm 30. Straight teeth is something I have always wanted. My teeth aren't white either.. they aren't yellow, but they just aren't that bright white ya know?
    My hair gets pretty frizzy as the day goes on. I take most of my pictures in the morning just after I get ready lol.
    How about this>> we are BOTH beautiful! :)

  9. im stealing this from you.!! YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL PERSON INSIDE AND OUT.

  10. Ha Ha. My stomach is SOOO "Flabby" as you call it. I am just too lazy to work out.
    YEs! I am terrified of needles!!! That is true. I am watching Teen Mom right now...I am so angry at her!!!

  11. I do have straight teeth after 7 years of braces...ugh! My teeth are not white but not yellow either. I hate my hair with a passion. I see girls who have hair that just stays beautiful all day long. How do they do it??? You are GORGEOUS!! I am blah!!! HAHA!
    Brittany: i feel you. I get lazy too. I will try to but after a long day of cleaning and running after my little ones and school I rather just lay on the couch and watch a movie. Working out is to much work.

  12. I think we get enough work out as it is. Having young children is a constant work out! It is even a work out to get Grace to go to sleep lol. And getting her to stay asleep is even that much harder.

    I am seriously going to get braces one day. I don't have horribly crooked teeth, but I have two that are crooked and I have a horrible overbite. Plus two of my top teeth are still the size of baby teeth. They are adult teeth, but they just never grew very big, so the dentist said to make my mouth look proportionate they would have to put vineers (sp?) on them. It was going to be $4000.. we couldn't afford it.

    I have to watch teen mom when I get home from school. I hate not having MTV anymore.

  13. Ohhhh and Jessika!!! Something is wrong with your blog!! All I can see is your Bible verse and everything above it. I like the Bible verse btw, but I can't read anything :(

  14. Ohh and thank you Erica!! I have the best best friend in the world :):)

  15. Braces are a pain but the after is good. Well somewhat...they make your teeth really weak.