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Monday, March 7, 2011

200th post!

15 weeks and 2 days :)
Still craving lemons like crazy.. either in tea or just a lemon itself. I was also craving chicken kickers from Domino's today.. called them, and they don't sell them anymore :( The craving will not go away lol. I have also been having dizzy spells lately.. Almost everytime I stand up I get dizzy. Any thoughts?

Grace can say eat and tea, and she said Barney for the first time the other day. She also knows how to do Ring Around the Rosey, and the movements to The Wheels on the Bus, and If You're Happy and You Know It. She will also give kisses and hugs and sway to the I Love You song. And lastly she says "ah ah ah ah" along with the Lemon Drops and Gum Drops song lol.

Now I have a question.. for those of you who have had a child around 18 months at Easter time.. what did you do? Did you child understand Easter egg hunting or should we hold off on that? I would love to do some egg hunting with her, but I don't know if I would just be wasting my money.


  1. You are so darn cute. Wheres the belly. HAHA!!! Poor baby I know what it is like to not get your cravings...its aggravating...i would crave but not even be hungry or thirsty.
    Grace is such a smart baby. She is learning more and more every time you post. the dizziness is normal. Remember that your body id more open to symptoms since this is your second pregnancy. The return of blood to your veins from the baby through wider veins due to the increase of hormones can cause you blood pressure to temporarily drop. This in turn causes a slow or reduce in blood flow to the brain causing you too be dizzy. It happens in women like me who are a anemic or unfortunately have varicose veins(not fun) and then there is of course low blood sugar level as your body adapts to your new appetite whether it is bigger or smaller. To sum it up...those darn hormones.
    Yes definitely take her easter egg hunting. You can get everything you need for it at a dollar store. Wit the babies we put jelly beans and small toys like for Kaedyn matchbox cars(keep in mind for Brentley).

  2. That's what I was thinking.. She loves eggs, but she thinks they are balls lol. I think even if she won't hunt them she will have fun opening them. She loves gummy bears, so I'm thinking that, and maybe some dress up necklaces and bracelets, since she is so into being dressing up. And Dollar Tree is where I will be shopping :) Lol. I LOVE that store for decorations/holiday stuff. Everything is literally a dollar and it's good stuff.

    I'm glad the dizziness is normal. I was afraid I was doing something wrong or something.

    And I find it hilarious that one of Grace's early words is "tea." You know we live in the south lol!

  3. Yes, what we did was make a line of eggs for her to pick up as she walked because she wasn't able to grasp the concept of searching. And then at the end of the line, we put a big prize, which was a bubble machine. And then her basket was filled with other spring toys, but we took those out of her basket so she could hunt eggs. lol. We got most everything at the dollar store. Water toys, chalk, etc.

  4. Brittany we just scattered the eggs in a small area. We also had bubbles and chalk adn spring toys in their baskets.

    haha!!! Tea! Thats funny.

  5. I think Grace would try to eat the chalk lol. Everything still goes in her mouth. Especially anything that you write with lol.
    Bubbles is a good idea though. She loves bubbles!

  6. you know whats funny.?? i was craving lemon too. and i thought you might.

  7. Girl that is like all I want now!! It is constantly on my mind. I have never had a craving like this. It makes my mouth water. I am not even a lemon fan. Funny thing is I LOVE sweet tea. I'll take lemon in it occasionally, but mostly just like it SWEET.. Now I don't want it to taste to sweet, and it HAS to have lemon in it (or at least for the last two weeks it has) lol.