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Sunday, March 27, 2011


I told Chris' mom two weeks ago when our gender party would be. She works with her cousin, and has a high up position. It would have been EASY for her to get off work for a couple of hours on a Saturday, but what does she say today? She "thinks she has to work, so now we can tell her on Friday." Seriously?? Does she really think I'm that stupid? It's so obvious that she doesn't want to come to the party on Saturday just so she can find out what the baby is on Friday.. Well she's wrong. I'm not going to tell her on Friday because she cannot keep anything quiet.. it will be all over facebook in five minutes if we tell her. So she's only hurting herself.. she's going to miss out on the party and have to wait until Saturday to find out.. Ohh well, it's her loss. So far I know my mom, dad, sister, brother, Erica, Cayle, and Adam are coming. My nana, mom's friend, and Chris' cousin might also be coming. It just really bothers me that she tries to pull this stuff. Chris thinks it's fine.. yeah, she may actually have to work, but she has had plenty of time to ask for a couple of hours off on a day she's not supposed to be there anyway! She doesn't normally go in on Saturdays. I mean we do get along a lot better now, but she still tries to manipulate everything in her favor. I figure I'll try to convince Chris that to be fair to everyone, we'll call her when we are fixing to bite into the cupcakes and she can find out with everyone else. This was really important to me, and I am not going to let her ruin it for me.

Side note about Easter.. Walmart is officially my favorite place ever!! Our Walmart has an isle devoted to building a basket, but we have pretty much decided we are not doing a basket for Grace this year. We have 70, yes 70, eggs, so we are just going to fill all of those and let that be her presents. So I  raided that isle at Walmart I got four bracelets, two head bands, a pack of four rings with bubbles in them, and 60 eggs for $12!! I was also at my mom's the other day.. I don't know if you guys remember those Livestrong bands that were the craze a few years ago.. well Gracce already had two of my old ones and she loves them, so when I was at my mom's I searched to see if I could find anymore of my old ones.. I found four! Plus I found a watch I think Grace will like, so I'm going to put those things in the eggs too. At this point we have enough stuff to fill about 15 eggs, so we still have a long way to go. I still want to look for some more pretend jewelry (preferrably necklaces), and I want to get her some M&M's and Reece's Pieces to put in them as well. I plan on going to the Dollar Tree to look for some more pretend jewelry. If anyone knows any other place that has good egg stuffers please let me know! I'm thinking maybe Target might have some stuff.. has anyone browsed their Easter stuff yet?

UPDATE: I just bought her these mini Easter rubber ducks (she LOVES rubber ducks) for $5 on Ebay.
They will fit in the bigger eggs I got her, so that covers about 20 eggs.. only 50 more to go :p


  1. That is horrible. I wouldn't tell her. She would just have to wait.
    Target has some pretty good stuff all for like a dollar.

  2. I got Chris to agree to the having her on the phone when everyone else finds out.. i figure that is the best way to do it to keep everyone happy. She just wants everything her way and this time she is not going to get it. She still says it's a girl to...
    I'll have to try Target.

  3. I wouldn't tell her ahead of time. I think she just wants to tell everyone she is special because she is the first to know.

  4. Also, I haven't found much at Target this year. I was sort of disappointed. I went to the one by the mall. Maybe another one will have more stuff.

  5. Ohh I am NOT telling her before hand. If Chris forgets to call her I certainly won't remind him lol, and if she doesn't answer we aren't waiting around until she does. She will just have to find out later. It's her fault because she thought she would be "smart" and find out early because she thinks this sort of party stuff is dumb.. Well I don't. I'm excited. I wish I would have done it with Grace. So she will either find out with everyone else, or after everyone else.

  6. Good. I wouldn't wait either. Watch her magically be able to get off work like the day before. I think the party is pretty cool. I so wish that I would have done more cool/cute stuff when Samantha was born. That is one of my biggest regrets. lol.