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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So sweet :):)

Chris is pretty much addicted to video games. He plays EVERY night, and it really bothers me because I feel like I don't get any alone time for myself. Yea, I go to school, but that is not how I would choose to spend my free time if I was given any. I come home and am immediately on mommy duty. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about being a mom, I just don't see why he thinks it's okay for him to have all of this time to himself when I don't have that opportunity. Well anyway.. we kind of got into it over all this last night, and I went to bed before he did, and when we got up this morning he gave me a not he had written last night. Now let me state.. he NEVER writes anything. He has pretty bad dyslexia.. he can read fine, but cannot write very well, so him writing me something is really a big step for him, and it was a whole page! He said one of the people on his game had heard our fight because Chris mic was apparently on, and he said the guy pretty much explained the facts of life to him. Apparently this guy neglected his family for video games and eventually his wife took their kids and left. Now he only gets to see his kids on weekends, and he hates himself because he caused all of it. Apparently this really got through to Chris because in the letter he was saying that he was really sorry for treating me like crap, and that he loved me and Grace and the new baby and he would never want to lose us. He also said that he would stay off the game for an entire day one day a week, and for most of the day on the other days.. this may not sound like a lot, but it is a BIG step for him. He also said that he wants to do more things together as a family, and that when I ask him to do something he will work on just doing it instead of complaining. And today he actually took us for ice cream and to the park! And then we came home and watched a movie while Grace napped (G-Force lol). It was amazing because he really didn't hop right on his game like he usually does. I really hope he keeps this up because it would be great to have more days like this! I think it would really benefit our relationship because the ONLY thing we fight about is him playing video games.. that is literally the only thing.

Also, I have a friend who was eating lunch today where MTV was filming Maci. She said that Bentley got something on his clothes, so Maci stripped him down to his underwear and went outside to get more clothes, then as she was coming back in the film crew told her to do all of it again because they had missed the shot, and she did.. seriously??? Talk about faking real life. Is there anything on the show that is real? While I'm at it.. has anyone noticed how AWFUL the editing is this season?? Like with last nights epi.. Leah has the darker hair and then "two hours later" she has the bright blonde hair. AND Chelsea calls her friend to ask her to go to that butterfly thing and she has solid dark brown hair, then "the next day" at the butterfly place she has those awful blonde highlights again. And I have also noticed that in some episodes Leah has a nice new car, and in others she has an older car.. They are piecing things together for ratings, and it's not even in order!!

This is Grace in her Saint Patty's Day outfit :)

It says "lucky" lol.

UPDATE: I just felt the baby kick!! Like a real kick. I felt it moving around so I put my hand on my lower stomach and it kicked my hand!!!!!


  1. That is an adorable outfit! And that is great! I hope he keeps it up! I am just waiting for Jessie to get on his game again. So far, so good. That seriously is pretty much all we argue about too. I mean, we have disagreed a bit about small things like his Mom irritating me or whatever, but the root of all our fights has been that game.

  2. Oh, and that is awesome! Were you able to see it?

  3. That is awesome!! Hopefully he will keep it up. Grace looks adorable as always =)
    OOOO i miss that feeling. I cant believe Ellanoa is already almostt 3 months seems like yesterday i was feeling her move around in there.

    UGH!!! So fake. I can not possibly show how it truly is. Like when they all say that they dont have money..they make ALOT!! And yea i notice the bad editing too. But yet i still watch it. I really wish they were more real more staged.

  4. @Brittany.. I couldn't see it but I actually felt it with my hand, not just the inside of my abdomen. It was so cool!

    @Jessika.. Lol I am still addicted too. I don't think hardly any of it is real anymore, but it's still the closest thing I have to a life like mine lol.