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Thursday, March 24, 2011

New pictures :)

I just officially hit the 5 month mark!! I'll be a lot less anxious when I hit 20 weeks though.. miscarriage rate dirastically decreases and the baby is viable after that point.

Anyway.. These pics were from two days ago when I was 17 weeks and 3 days. I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I'm going to post both :)

We get to go back to the doctor a week from tomorrow, so I'll have more info then. For now pretty much everything is the same. I have been forcing myself to eat a little more to avoid another fainting episode. My lemon craving is gone :( I like that craving lol. Oh and it kicks everyday now. Usually late at night. Chris got to feel it for the first time on Monday night. He couldn't get over how light it was because I didn't feel Grace kick until around 22 weeks, so hers was a lot stronger!
Only 8 days until we find out!! Better get your votes in now.. BOY or GIRL??
So far on facebook it's 10 for boy and 4 for girl lol. And of course Chris and I say boy, so that's 12 for boy.

Ohh and I just thought I'd point out that I had several people tell me that because Grace was hitting all her milestones early she was making room for another, and that I would have another by the time she was two. I was always like "Oh no never!" BAHAHAHA.. proved me wrong.


  1. Your so cute pregnant!!!! Of course my vote is boy!! It will really surprise me if it is a girl. I hate saying it.
    Babies are not viable until 24 weeks because that is when their lungs can produce surfactant. But yep chance of miscarriage is way down.
    I felt all mine kick around or at 18 weeks. For sure I felt kaedyn at 18 and then charleigh at like 15/16 and Ely was like 12 or 13 and then not again till 18. Tearing up...I miss it. Give baby a soothing rub for me and let him no I love him and hug grace for me. She is going to be a great big sister.

  2. Really? That stupid paper the doctor gave me is wrong then. Oh well.. at least the miscarriage risk goes down :)
    And I will :)

  3. Ha Ha. Yep! I remember telling you to make room for another several times. I didn't think ya'll actually would though. lol. Samantha was just slow because she knew she had the rest of her life with no competition. Ba Ha Ha