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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am accomplishing my goal :)

I have gotten the house almost completely finished. The bathroom, our room, the baby's room, and the livingroom are all completely done. The only thing I have left in Grace's room is to paint her E that I accidentally broke. The kitchen is my biggest challenge, but it is almost complete as well. I only have two boxed that are not unpacked and one of those will be done tonight (possibly both). We do have a few things that we have to get out of here though.. a few things going to my mom's, and then we have to take our Christmas stuff (tree and decorations), huge TV box, and table to Chris' mom to store them. We don't have room for them here. I really wish we had room for our table, but we never used it before so it's not a big deal. I just want a table for when the kids get older, so we are going to store it in her attic until we want it again.
We also have a huge pile of broken down boxes on our porch that we have no idea what we are going to do with lol. I guess we are going to have to throw as many away as possible each week when the trash gets picked up.
I am confident in saying that our home will be completely finished by the time I go back to school.

Here are some pics of our room and the livingroom.
Grace is still in our room unfortunately.. we are making some progress there

Our dresser/ Chris computer desk lol.
We moved the bookshelf to our room because Grace loved to pull every book off of it.

Grace is dancing to Barney lol. But this pic shows a lot of the picture frames and stuff. Ohh and that thing with the lock on it has all of our DVD's in it.. keeping Grace out of that too lol.

Just a little bit more of the living room.

This is Grace's version of helping me unpack.. taking out all of the leftover wrapping and packing herself in LOL. She is so silly.


  1. Ha Ha. Grace is so Cute. =p I Love all the frames! I Love lots and lots of pictures! You should post some pics of her room. (The M is Samantha's name fell off the wall the day after Christmas and I still haven't put it back up. lol.)

  2. I know.. I'm just a perfectionist at heart lol. I want it to be completely done before I take pictures. I doesn't look much different than it did before. I put a few other things on her wall though.

  3. It looks great. Grace is so funny. HAHA! I have been dying to take pictures of the new furniture but like yo I want everything perfect before hand. I still need a new rug and coffee table.