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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Had my ultrasound :)

She did give me two pictures, but I'll have to scan them, and my printer is still in the box since it hasn't had any ink since before we moved. Once I get it out I will scan them in. The baby was really active this time, it was kicking and wiggling.. so cute. Unfortunately though, my placenta is on top this time, the baby had its legs crossed, AND the cord was between it's legs! LOL.. I have a very modest little baby. She tried her hardest to look around all of those things though. She said once that she thought she saw girl parts, but she wasn't even 50% sure.. then towards the end of the ultrasound she pointed at something on the screen and said that it could be a scrotum. I looked and it really did. She said it was in the right place, but with all the obstructions she didn't want to say it was defeinitely a scrotum, and then it was really just part of the cord. So we are basically right back where we were in the beginning.. 50/50, but I wasn't expecting anything today anyway. I was just happy to see a healthy wiggling little baby in there. I could see the heart beating too. I always love seeing that. It has a really long spine and legs.. It's going to be another long baby like Grace was/is. And it has adorable tiny little feet and hands :) She gave me a picture of the top of the head and spine/legs. She said it was wiggling around so much that it was hard to catch really good pictures, but they work for me.

I really enjoyed talking to her. She told me I was welcome to come to her house anytime. I just feel that it would be awkward because her oldest is my age. Plus she has six kids.. two sets of twins! She makes me feel so inferior because of how experinced in parenting she is. And she is so beautiful too. She is in her 40's, but she honestly looks like she is in her 20's and you would never know that she has haad six children, much less two sets of twins. And she is so kind. She asked me if I would pray with her before I left. She asked me if I had any prayer requests. I asked her to pray that I have a healthy baby, and I also asked her to pray for your daddy Jessika. Been keeping him in my thoughts.. hope he is doing well. 

This is her and her husband. I would say she is one of my biggest role models.

Anyway.. I'm not going to get my hopes up. I'll just wait for April 1st to confirm it for me. 22 days!!


  1. That is awesome. It is always nice to see a healthy baby moving around in there. Kaedyn would move back and swaying...and they would have to wait until he calmed down to take a look again. It was so funny.
    She sounds like an awesome lady and WOW she is beautiful. I love her eyes. I really dont like my boring brown eyes...blah...
    Thank you so much for including my daddy in your prayers. He is sitting up right now so thats good but he looks so tired and fragile...nothing like what he use to.
    I cant wait to find out on the first. Im really excited...even if I have to wait till that night.

  2. I just hope that the baby will be a little less modest on the first lol. 22 days seems like forever. I don't think I can wait longer than that! Lol.

    Glad to hear he is doing well. Hopefully he will be back to his old self soon.

  3. I dont think I could wait any longer!!! im so excited. You would think i was the one pregnant.