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Monday, March 28, 2011

I forgot to tell you guys about this..

This past Friday at work I had my first experience with an ignorant person so far during my pregnancy. I'm not really showing yet, so not many people know I'm pregnant.. that's probably the only reason I haven't had any other experiences.

So I'm sitting there doing my job (selling tickets), and a woman walks up who comes every week. She was buying her ticket, and she asked how my baby was doing (I've worked there since I was 15, so I went through my entire pregnancy with Grace while working there) and then she asked how I was. As I was handing her the ticket I told her we were expecting another baby. She looked at me, rolled her eyes, and walked off. I'm just sitting there thinking really?? She doesn't even know my name, much less what type of person I am. I hate that people see my age and I'm instantly put in the class with Jenelle, Chelsea, and Amber.
Ohh well, I knew it would happen eventually. It made me mad at the time, but now I just laugh at how ignorant that lady is. I am a good mother and she has no right to judge me when she knows nothing about me.


  1. Drew and I get it all the time. You will now that you have more than 1. They already think that young moms are well whores for lake of a better word but when you have 2 you are just plain irresponsible and the biggest whore to walk the earth. Yep. Get it all the time.

  2. Yea I got the impression that she was thinking whore. Too bad both of my babies have the same father! Lol. Like I said, she knows nothing about me.

  3. Yea I know. All 3 of mine are from the same daddy but people have even questioned me about that. The nerve some people have. Imagine the looks we got when me Drew and Rene(random guy living in his van that I invited to live with us) walked into a store. Charleigh is white like Drew and Kaedyn was tan like Rene. Haha!!! Or when drew would be at work and me and Rene and the babies would be hanging out somewhere people would comment on how kaedyn looked just like Rene and then look at charleigh and was like is she yalls too. I would say yes that she is my daughter and they would give me the dirtiest look. Haha!!!

  4. Hahah isn't it fun doing that? Wayyy before Grace was ever thought of Chris and I used to take my sister places sometimes. She was around 2 one time when we took her to this festival in my hometown. This lady walked up and was saying how cute she was and Chris goes "Who do you think she favors? Me or her?" Talking about me and him, and the lady said she looked more like Chris!! HAHA Everyone thought she was mine and Chris'. It was bad though because when my mom had her I was 13, and people would come up to me and my mom, look at both of us, and then start asking me questions like what her name was or how old she was.. I was like "Ummmm NO!! She's my sister."