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Friday, October 29, 2010

I couldn't resist!

It is less than two months until Christmas! And today when we were in Wal-Mart I saw that they had their Christmas stuff out! I saw about 20 things I wanted to get, but I managed to restrain myself lol. I am just so excited about Christmas this year because it is our first year that we will have our own Christmas as a family! And I want our place to look nice because my mom and sister, and Chris' mom, step-dad, and brother are coming to our house to exchange presents Christmas afternoon. I want our place to be very Christmassy and I am going to have Christmas cookies and stuff. It is going to be a lot of fun!
I have saved plenty of money from my Pell Grant to get Christmas decorations. We still need a tree, stocking for Chris, Ollie, and me, lights for the tree, lights for our window, a family ornament, an ornament representing Grace, one representing Ollie, and possibly an ornament for Chris and an ornament for me. I also want to get a tree skirt for the tree and a wreath for our door. I'm estimating all of this to cost anywhere from $200-$300, but like I said.. Pell Grant lol.

Today I got two things..
This is going to be our tree topper :)And this is an ornament.. the mouse is holding a sign that says "New Home" and the acorn says 2010. I thought it was cute.

I also found this..

It is going to be my journal for Grace. After the first year I am not going to keep such detailed accounts of things like I do now, but I still want to write about it, and possibly put some pics in. I am just not going to do a scrapbook every year. I will have a scrapbook for all the Christmas's and a school book (like Brittany has and I want lol. What exactly are they called?) for Grace, and this to remember all the other special moments. I thought it was really pretty and it was only $10! I was excited. I wasn't going to get it, but Chris was like "Hun, you should get it. You may not find another one like this." It was sweet that he actually cared.

Also, my friends Haley and Ashley came over today. They are pretty much the only true friends I have who don't have babies, but they LOVE Grace. They are so good with her and such great friends! Anyway.. Haley goes to Chatt State, and today Maci (from Teen Mom) did a hit and run on the Chatt State campus, and MTV suppossedly convinced her to run!! What is wrong with people? MTV just wants to show some drama, and apparently the fame has gone to Maci's head so much that she thinks she's above he law?
This will tell you more about it if you are interested..


  1. yep XMAS is right around the corner. Wow!!! we will have a busy week that week....with having a baby and all :) Did you see the article about how much money the teen mom cast make a season between $60,000-$65,000. All their struggles are staged. I mean come on it explains why Maci can take the summer off work and still be able to pay rent and have that new dodge charger. Or how amber can always go out to eat and take karate lessons. That is not what real teen moms go through. It would take Drew and I about 5 years to make what they do one season. It is amazing. This money isnt counting what they make for magazine covers and all. It kinda upsets me. These are not real everyday struggles that real teen parents go through. They may have started out with good intentions but now it is about the cameras and the money.

  2. That is pretty cool. I am excited for Christmas too. =) You are lucky everybody is coming to your house. We have a million places to go!!! I am not sure what the school books are called, but I am sure if you say "school memory book" anybody will know what you are talking about. They sale them everywhere. I like Grace's journal-very cute!

  3. Brittany.. we still have to go to Chris' extended family on Christmas eve, my extended family on Christmas night, and my dad's the day after Christmas lol.. We only cut out two places by having them come, and that is only one less than last year because we lived with my mom then lol.

    Jessika.. I did see that. I am pretty sure everything on the show is staged now. That is why I have decided I like 16 an Pregnant better, Their struggles are real because they don't get that much money, and they don't get it until afterwards..