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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meet Ollie!

We got him!! He is so cute and sweet. Grace likes him.. she will look at him and say "hey" and smile. It's so cute! And of course Chris is just in love, and I really like him too. He hasn't been around Grace much yet, so I hope he is good with her, but so far he has been nothing but loving.
We spent $80 on him today! We got him a bed (what he's laying on in the pic), and a halloween costume (he is going to be a purple dragon lol) that we didn't really have to get, but we wanted him to feel welcome, and I want to take him trunk-or-treating lol. And then we got him food, a food and water bowl, shampoo, a pack of toys, and a new collar.. all things he needed.
He really like his bed! I'm glad we got it :) He also likes car rides lol.
Also, the lady gave us a leash and the shirt he is wearing in the post I wrote about him before. So he has two outfits lol.
I am so glad we got him! I didn't think I would like having a dog this much, but I really do :)
He is a new addition to our little family :)

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  1. He is adorable. I love his wire fur. I want a wire haired Jack. Both of ours are short hair. He is adorable!!! Im glad he likes our bed because our dogs think the couch and our bed is theirs!!! LOL but that is probably my fault because I let them sleep in there when they were little. yea I love having dogs. I like to snuggle with them. They are never upset with you!!! LOL.