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Friday, October 8, 2010

We're getting a dog!!

We have been looking at dogs on craigslist.. Grace was playing with the dog downstairs a few das ago and she loved it! So we started looking for some free ones on craigslist and I think we found the perfect dog!

This was the post on craigslist
"Very sweet and loveable jack russell mix. He is about a year and a half old. He is well mannered and house trained. He is been altered. He weighs about 30 lbs. So he is a little larger than a pure jack russell but has many similar features. He gets along well with kids and other dogs but I have never had him around cats. I am forced to get rid of him due to my allergies. He is an inside dog and I only want him to go somewhere that he will remain primarily an inside dog."

He is perfect! He's young, not a huge dog, already neutered, good with kids, house trained, an inside dog (perfect for our apartment), and is free to a good home.

This is a picture..
He is so cute! And he wears clothes lol.
We are going to meet the lady tomorrow at Pets-Mart! I can't wait!!!


  1. Awww he is so cute. We have 2 full blood Jack Russells. They are my fur babies. I have always wanted Jacks since i was little. Just some side notes on Jacks... they love to dig. Ours dug through our couch so we now leave them in a kennel when we go out. They are designed to dig...the were bred for hunting small borrowing animals and can burrow for miles. Also they are hyper!!!! They also have a big dog complex...meaning that they think they are bigger than what they are. They can jump really high. At first Im sure he will be timid and nervous but once he gets used to you guys you we see the jack characteristics I am talking about. But do be prepared for him to have an accident. It is a new home and he is not sure where he is or how and when to tell you he has to go out. O and since he is a smaller dog he has a smaller bladder so not alot of water. We water and feed our dogs once a day because if we didnt they would continue to eat and drink and then have to go out alot. While living in the apartment we had to take them out about 4 times a day at regular times so that they got use to when to clock work. But eventually it was down to 2 a day. Since you are in an apartment I would recommend taking him to the park to run and play...they love fetch...this will calm his energy. Thank goodness he is fixed... he will be a lot calmer than a non neutered dog. Sorry if this is to much but I am a huge animal lover and one day want to own a ranch called 2nd chance for animals whose owners have gave up on and those in shelters about to be laid down. If you run into problems I am here and will walk you through it. O and make sure you ask his owner what food he eats because changing his diet could cause some serious diarrhea(sry tmi) and you do not want that in your house. Drew and I know a lot about this stuff so ask anytime about anything. He will be a good dog...but remember it may take him time to adjust.

  2. That is actually very helpful! We did ask her and he is on a diet of Kibbles and Bits lol. We are picking him up at a Pets Mart (like Wal Mart for pets)so we are going to get him everything he needs while we are there. Also his name is Ollie.. I think it's cute! I also decided that I want to get him a halloween costume :) He's going to go trick or treating with us.. on a leash of course lol.

  3. Awww. We are going to take one of our trick or treating. One may be just to hyper for people. Dont forget doggie bags to pick up his mess...people may get upset it is in their yard!!!