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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Festival :)

We just got back from the halloween festival at my school. It was small, but I think that was good for Grace because as soon as we got hom she crashed in my lap lol. She really seemed to enjoy it though :)

Grace in her rose costume :)
Grace and I won the "cupcake" walk.
Grace and Chris were fishing for candy :)
Chris was helping Grace in the sack race.
Grace was doing the bean bag toss.
Grace had fun walking around for a minute after we were done with all the activities.


  1. AWWW so fun!!! I love her costume. Isnt it exciting getting to do all this stuff with her now. I love doing this stuff...that I would other wise think lame...with the babies.

  2. that looks like so much fun. i wish we had anything like that to do here.

  3. Oh Ha Ha. Nevermind, I accidentally skipped the part at the top. lol.