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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A fun weekend :)

Yesterday Chris and I got our hair cut. When I was getting mine done Grace started crying everytime the lady put te scissors to my hair. I guess she thought the lady was hurting me.. it was pitiful! Then we took Grace to my moms because she agreed to watch her while we went to Lake Winnie (an amusement park near where we live). I kept thinking about her the whole time we were there and wishing that she was there, but she really isn't big enough to ride anything yet, so I tried to have. We really had an awesome time! We rode a lot of rides, but we rode the roller coasters the most. I am terrified of heights! So the first time we were in line for one I was shaking.. but after the first time I was fine. However, I refused to ride the Ozone.. it's a ride that takes you 50 feet in the air, and then drops you straight down! I have rode it before and last time I rode it I had a panic attack. That is the only panic attack I have ever had, and I don't plan on having anymore, so I refused to ride it lol. It was a really fun night though :)

Then today we went to church, which is always fun, then we went to buy Grace's party decorations! I was going to get the "One-derful" decorations, but when I was looking the princess ones were cheaper and they were really cute to, so I figured, since I am going all out with her cake, that I would get the princess decorations.

(I got more decorations than this.. this is just to show what they look like).

And I have been talking to the lady about her cake. She said she would be happy to make it and she is going to work with me to make it look like the decorations, an Grace is also going to get a matching smash cake :)
I also got a bear that everyone can sign who comes to her party, a huge bib (to hopefully keep the cake off her pretty birthday dress) that matches the decorations, and this for her to wear with her birthday dress.
Only 3 weeks until her party!!

And then we went to the Rock City Enchanted Corn Maize... it was ehh.. (Erica you didn't miss anything). However, Brittany, Brittany I did see your mom, aunt, and Brennon lol. I really didn't enjoy it though.. It was HOT.. it is not supposed to be hot in the middle of October! And the path was really rocky, so Grace didn't like riding in her stroller (which she usually loves), and it was REALLY dusty! I had to take a shower when I got home to get all the dust off me, and I'm pretty sure my shoes are ruined :( Anyway.. after we found our way out of the corn maize with a very unhappy baby we went over to the "paint a pumpkin" tent. Grace didn't really understand what she was supposed to be doing, so she didn't really like it, but she still did one. The top pic is of the entrance to the maize.. the "corn" was made out of Mayfield milk jugs. I thought it was a really neat idea! The second pic is of Grace at he beginning of the maize before she realized that it was too long ad bumpy. The third pic is of Chris on the bridge trying to figure out which way we were supposed to go. The fourth pic is of me helping Grace paint her pumpkin. And the last pic is of our pumpkins when they were finished. Mine is on the left, Grace's is in the middle, and Chris' is on the right.

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  1. We went to a theme park today to...but they babies were with us. They love riding rides and they had a bunch of cool halloween stuff going on for them. UH.... the at maize sounds babies would probably not have liked it either and I know what you mean. It was burning up outside today!!! I like your hair. I can kinda see it in the pic of you and Grace. I like ya'lls pumpkins also. Way better than ours.