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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My little girl has a personality!

I realized that I haven't been posting many pics lately, so I went through and found some of my favorites. She is starting to show her personality so well!

Grace is really starting to like Ollie! And he is so good with her! He is just a good dog in general :)

She has discovered that you can sit on this. The other day she was trying to, and she somehow got stuck standing on the neck LOL! But she has since figured it out (But she is not tall enough to get on the seat yet). She is so smart :)  

Grace has discovered that she loves watcing Barney while sittng in her chair. This is a daily occurence for us now. She is amazed by Barney!

I just like this picture! You can't see it here, but she has 7 teeth now :)

Like father like daughter. She thought she was playing the game with her daddy lol. And she has completely taken over his gaming chair. If he sits in it she will push him out lol.

This is her in her fur coat. She LOVES this thing lol.

And here are the adventures of Grace an Andy (the little boy from down stairs).

(Top): They both crawled on top of Chris's gaming chair and they were playing there.
(Bottom): Grace led Andy behind the couch (we were watching them the whole time, so they weren't in danger), it was just so funny!

On Sunday, we are going to take Grace to a pumpkin patch with Erica, Adam, and Cayle. I love going places with them because Erica is my best friend, Adam and Chris really like each other, and Grace and Cayle really love playing together, so I know it will be fun! I will definitely post pics when I have them :)
On Saturday, Chris and I are going on our first date in forever. We are going to go to Lake Winnie (a local amusement park). They are having a special halloween thing this year, and I haven't gotten to go for two years because last year I was pregnant (no since in paying if you can't ride anything), and this year we just haven't gotten to do much, but my mom agreed to watch Grace, so we get to go!


  1. She has gotten so big. She is soooo ADORABLE. Yea it is definitely fun to see their personality. kaedyn is laid back, shy, and lovable. Charleigh is outgoing,center of attention,and loud. It's so funny. I cant wait to see Ellanoa's personality!!!

  2. Those pics are cute! I am watching Barney right now. Ha Ha. Oh gosh, I LOVED when Sami first got her personality. She is just silly!

  3. I know, I love watching her personality form. She has the funniest little personality. She is definitely not laid back.. she is very loud, center of attention, and high maintainence.. And she loves to be independent. She doesn't crawl anymore.. she walks everywhere! Lol.