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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fun/not so fun day..

So our day started off bad.. Saturdays are our day to sleep in, so I had my alarm set for 12pm, so I could get up and get everything ready, so we could leave by 1:15 for Cayle's costume birthday party.. Well I set the alarm wrong and woke up at 12:51! I was freaking out because we had to leave in 25 minutes! But I managed to get us all out the door by 1:20, so I thought we were doing pretty good. 5 minutes late wouldn't be a big deal, but as we were driving down the interstate there were all these signs saying that the were working on a bridge and that there would be delays.. I was hoping we wouldn't hit said delays, but we did. However, this is not the bad part.. We had been sitting in traffic for a few minutes when I heard Grace making areally weird noise.. I looked in my rearview mirror (we have one of those baby mirrors so you can see their reflection), and Grace was throwing up.. not spitting up, but much more like projectile vomitting :( I immediately pulled over to the side of the road, but she just kept throwing up until we came to a complete stop. Chris jumped out of the car gagging.. I'm pretty sure I would have killed him if he threw up too lol. Anyway.. we got Grace out of her cute little costume and into her extra outfit and we got the car and car seat cleaned the best we could. That was my first experince with  real throw up (vs. spit up), but it didn't bother me at all. I was more worried about her.
We were aready over half way there so I decided to at least take Cayle his presents. But when we got there Grace was happy and smiling. She wasn't running a fever or anything, so I talked to Erica about it and she told me to bring her on in. She played at the party and had fun.
After the party we went to Chris' mom's house and threw everything in the washer, so she could have her costume back to go trunk-or-treating. Once it was washed and dried we dressed her back up and took her out to a couple of trunk-or-treats with Erica, Cayle, and Adam. She got some cand and seemed to have a good time, but she was tired on the way home so I made her a bottle with formula. She threw up all over herself again :( We pulled into a Wal-Mart parking lot and repeated the process once again.

I honestly do not believe she is sick because she has not been running a fever at all and doesn't act like she doesn't feel good. She was dancing, walking, and playing in between the two incidents, and after the last one.
What I think it is is that WIC just switched her to whole milk vs. formula. But we have still been giving her both because likes to drink the formula to go to sleep and it is easier to take with us because I don't have to worry about keeping it cold. I have two theories based off this.. either switching between formula and milk is messing her up, or the milk itself is messing her up (she was on soy based formula because milk based formula messed her tummy up). Any thoughts??


  1. Kaedyn and Charleigh reacted the same way. You are right to assume it is the switch because it is. Not necessarily saying it is happening because it is milk but just because she is used to one thing and now another substance has been introduce. For this reason you have to gradually switch from one to the other. The way we did this was giving 3/4 formula and 1/4 milk and then switching to half and half about 1-2 weeks later. We continued by doing 3/4 milk and 1/4 formula after another 1-2 weeks and then finally all milk after a final 1-2 weeks. You can continue to use straight milk and her body will eventually get used to it but this normally has a stronger reaction, as you saw. The gradual method gives them some discomfort, runny bowel movements/tummy aches for the first day or so but then they are fine with just some spitting up. You will notice this each time you change the ratio. As far as the throw up our pediatrician told us it was fine unless there is blood. Again their bodies have to get used to the change, it is kinda like when you eat Mexican food if you never have, your stomach won't feel to good either. Some other things that may help is using soy milk instead of regular or using organic as both of these lessen the reaction. You can 3/4 and then half and half the formula with soy milk and then with regular milk. If she is able to eat cheese and chocolate and the like then she is not allergic or lactose... I promise it will be fine though it is a tough transition that may seem to last forever. Charleigh didnt stop the throwing up and later spitting up until she was a good 15 months. Kaedyn was on soy based formula and Charleigh was for like a week but had bloody stool to come to find out she was allergic to it. So she was on a special formula called Alimentium. But basically whatever method you choose it is a needs of getting use to it. She may get use to it fast or it may take her a little bit like it did with mine. O and Pedisure is a good replacement for formula when traveling and out. But I would wait until her stomach is better on milk first. Good Luck. O and Drew wrote like more than the first half of this so if you dont get what he is saying than just ask and I will go back over it.

  2. That actually makes a lot of since. She has been fine all day today, but she hasn't drank any milk/formula today.. only water and juice. I didn't want to give her any because we were out so much today. She didn't seem sick at all thank God!

  3. I was hoping it would. If you try it I hope grace gets to feeling better and that is awesome she she didnt get sick.