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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hospital trip :(:(:(

So today when I got home from school Grace was asleep, and Chris said she had been really fussy and sleeping a lot today.. Then when she woke up she just started screaming. It sounded likshe was hurt, but at first I figured she just didn't get all her sleep out, so I tried giving her a bottle, rocking her, playing with her, laying down in my bed.. nothing worked. She screamed for 30 minutes straight so Chris and I decided to take her to the hospital. She screamed the whole way there, and by time we got there my nerves were so rattled that I was shaking when I was trying to sign her in, and I was about to cry. I was terrified that something was horribly wrong! I have never heard her scream like this before. She screamed herself to sleep after fifteen minutes in the waiting room, which of course we were the star attraction of lol. After about 30 minutes we got called back for them to take her weight and temperature. I had to wake her up when I put her on the scale, and she didn't understand why I was putting her down so she kept trying to get up. When it got her weight it said 17 lbs 5 oz. My heart sank.. I looked at the doctor and said "She weighed over 22 pounds before. She has lost five pounds!" He said we should double check.. she kept trying to get up so I kept having to grab her, and it was messing up the weight. Finally we got it.. 22.5 lbs :) Stupid scale.. scaring the crap out of me. Only the worst stuff could make babies lose five pounds like that.
But anyway.. her temp was a little elevated.. 99.4.. but not much, and after she had her little nap she seemed to be her happy self again, so I just knew that they were going to try to tell me that she was upset because she was tired or hungry or something, but knew something was wrong. My motherly instinct was kicking in lol. They sent us back to the waiting room and Grace was walking around and playing. They called us back about 45 minutes later, and the doctor started checking everything out.. low and behold.. Grace has a middle ear infection in her right ear. I knew something was wrong. I am just glad they didn't try to blow me off because I have had doctors do that before. They are giving her some antibiotics, and said she should be better in plenty of time for her party :) She is sleeping peacefully in my lap right now. Poor little thing must have been hurting really bad earlier. She has had a little cold, but I didn't think anything of it because that is nothing new for her.

Also, one of my cousins isn't going to be able to make it to her party, but she sent her a present and we got it today :)

It's the potty I wanted for her :) I don't think she is ready yet, but when she is we will have it :)

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