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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lots of Fall/Halloween left :)

It's only 11 days until Halloween, and we still have lots of Halloween things left to do!
We made halloween cookies last night, and I am making a halloween cake tonight :)
On Sunday, Chris and I are taking Grace to a big produce stand that has a whole section for pumpkins. It sort of looks like a pumpkin patch, so we are going to pretend it is one since they are all so far away lol. We are going to get som pumpkins there and carve them :)
Then, the next Saturday is Cayle's costume birthday party!! Completely halloween themed :)
After his party we are going to take Grace to our local mall.. they are having a trick-or-treat thing from 6-8, so it'll be fun :)
Then the next day is halloween! We are going to take Grace and Ollie (and possibly my sister) to several trunk-or-treats in the area. I know of three for sure, and I am trying to find more..Brittany do you know of any? I know there is one at Ringgold First Baptist, one on Ooltewah-Ringgold Rd, and one at the church in front of Wal-Mart.. any others you can think of?
Then on Grace's birthday we are going to have her Halloween/Birthday pics done.

Speaking of her birthday.. 2 weeks from today my baby girl will be one!! Gosh that FLEW by so fast!!
I have almost everything together for her birthday. I still need to get the balloon and banner that they were out of, but everything else is finalzed :) I really can't wait!! It is going to be so much fun!
Her birthday week has been changed a little due to the fact that I am going to have to work on Friday, and Playworld isn't open on Wedesday's (which if you saw the unseen moments ep of Teen Mom.. Maci had Bentley in Playworld lol). So we decided that on her birthday we are going to take her to get her pictures done and then take her to eat at Shogun. And I am going to make her a small cupcake cake, and let her open a couple of her presents :)
Then, Thursday we are going to take her to Playworld when I get off from school.
Friday we are goingto set up for her party because we get the key that day, and then I am going to go to work.
Then of course Saturday is her party!! (I sent out her invites, so if you haven't gotten them yet you should be any day now).
And then Sunday after church we are going to take her to the Creative Discovery Museum (with the free tickets we got from Parents As Teachers lol). It is going to be a busy, but FUN week!
I can't believe my little girl is already turning one!!


  1. Yep we still have a lot of halloween things to do also. we have a bday party this saturday which is halloween themed and then we have pics that day to. Then sunday we have our church halloween festival. Next saturday we have trick or treating at the mall and a halloween festival at tiger stripes which is an exotic animal sanctuary. Then Sunday of course we have trick or treating. we are going to 2 different neighborhoods. So we have something going on every weekend. The next weekend or first weekend in November we are heading up to Atlanta to go the discovery musuem with the same tickets. We wanted to do it before baby got here. We also might be taking them to the zoo and going shooping for winter clothes since there is more stores up there than small town if you know any good places let me know:) The weekend after that is my diaper shower that some people at church are throwing and then of course after that weekend is Thanksgiving. WOW!!! with all this stuff happening Ellanoa will be here before we know it.

  2. Sounds fun. We have a lot left too. I am so excited! We haven't baked yet because I haven't been to the store. I need to go. lol. Anyway, I don't know of any. I am sorry. We take Samantha trick-or-treating in a neighborhood in Rock Springs. Sounds like a fun birthday week. Post pics please. =p I can't wait until Miss. Grace's part. We will be at Cayle's too unless something happens. =)