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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I was looking for a gamer chair to get Chris for his birthday and I found one on ebay that you could bid for. The good ones are $70 at least, but the bidding started at $9.99 for this one so I figured I try it. I have never used ebay before, but I won! I got it for $41. I know that is not $10, but it is a lot better than $70! I went ahead and told him about it because it will be here next week and there is not really anywhere to hide it here. He is super excited! I promised him I would take him to eat on his birthday so we will still celebrate.

I also found Grace a couple of medium size wheel pals for he birthday. I got her a bug and the purple elephant. I think they must have quit making them because I could only find those two and one other, but it had been played with and it was all scuffed up and dirty, so I didn't get it. If anyone is looking for a birthday present for Grace and you find any of the medium size (possiby the biggest size?) please get them! She loves them!

Also, Grace's halloween cosume arrived! But not without hassle. I preordered the costume on They told me that it would definitely be there in time for halloween. Well I didn't want to risk it because I kept checking back and they never had any in stock, so I started shopping around and I found the same costume on and they has it in stock. I had to pay $3 more dollars on that website, but I think it was worth it to insure that we had it before halloween. It's really cute! They messed up the sowing in one part, but it's not very noticable, so I am trying not to let it make me upset lol.

Oh and Jessika, I mailed your package today! I'm guessing it will be there sometime next week :) I hope you like it!


  1. We just saw some wheel pals the other day. Drew said that we will go and get her some...just need to remember where we saw them...LOL.... anyways Thank you so much for the package I am soooo excited!!!! You are sooo SWEET!!!

  2. Lol you don't have to get her anything. And really I feel it is the least I can do!

  3. You cant get my princess something if I and I not get yours!!! That would be extremely rude!! But thats not why...I feel like I have watched Grace grow up through the blog so i want to be apart of her bday even though Im not actually there. She has people down here that LOVE her and want to show that love!!!

  4. Well that is very sweet of you :) It's weird how close you can get to someone you have never met. I feel like I have been watching your kids grow up too. I can't wait to see little Ely. I just know she is going to be precious!!