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Monday, October 25, 2010

Carved our pumpkins :)

We got our pumpkins yesterday and we carved them today. We each had one of our own.. Grace had a small oneand Chris and I had big ones. We got one of those pumpkin carving kit/books from Wal-Mart. It had pumpkn carving tools and patterns for different designs. Grace loved "helping" us carve the pumpkins. She even tasted it a few times lol.

Grace picking her pumpkins:

Grace playing in the pumpkin goo lol.

Chris' pumpkin (of course he picked a scary on lol)

My pumpkin (I wanted mine to be a nice pumpkin lol)

Grace's pumpkin (I wanted to pick something cute for her, it didn't come out so well though. It's supposed to be an owl on a tree branch)

It was a lot of fun doing these :) I just love this time of year! We are going to my schools halloween festival on Thursday. They have games and costume contests. It's going to be fun!

Also, Grace slept in her own bed all night again last night :):):) I'm so proud of her! 8 days until her birthday and 11 days until her party :):) Can't wait!


  1. Cute pumpkins! lol. I suppose I am the only person and the world who can't figure out how to use that kit. Ha ha.

  2. Awesome pumpkins!!!! And no Brittany...look back at my pumpkin...i couldnt figure it out either.