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Monday, October 11, 2010

OMG I am sooooo angry!

I have talked about the girl I met at school several times on here.. the one that has two children.. well just recently we started sitting next to each other and talking everyday in my English class. Right now weare working on an essay that covers a movie. We could pick from 41 movies, and we both ended up picking Shutter Island. For our opening assignment to the essay we were supposed to make a list of all the things that make or break a movie.. like the things a movie would have to have or not have, and give a summary of the movie we picked and tell whether or not we liked it. I did mine and I had it with me, but she didn't have hers.. she asked me if she could see mine so she could see how to do it. I didn't think there was any harm in that, so I let her look at it. When she was done she handed it back to me she told me that she really liked it. I didn't think anything of it though.
Today our first draft of the essay was due.. and we do a thing called peer review where we exchange papers and give each other helpful hints and point out any grammar errors..
She traded papers with me, and I just got through reading hers.... she copied things from my first assignment!!! Four different paragraphs!
For example:

This is a segment from my opening assignment..
"I love watching a movie that has music, either with lyrics or without, that fits with what is happening in the scene. For me, it allows me to connect to the movie better. Like when I am watching a scary movie and there is suspenseful music in the background it draws me in because I know something scary is fixing to take place. However, I do not like music does not fit the scene. I find it unnecessary and distracting from the movie."

And this is taken from the first draft of her essay..
"Every movie needs music that fits with the scene. A love movie needs the romantic music, and a scary movie needs music to make yor pulse race with the doom of what comes next. Without music to fit the scene of the film it becomes dull and not interesting."

Another example:

From my opening assignment..
"This is not a major concern for me, but for a movie to be an absolute favorite it cannot contain bloopers. Like when a man has dirt on his arm and the camera switches away, and then it goes back to him and there is no longer dirt on his arm, or when a person is standing in one position and the camera switches to show them from behind and the person is standing in another position, but then the camera switches back to a view from the front and the person is back in the original position. This shows poor quality to me."

From her first draft..
"Another thing that makes the film dull is the bloopers. Whenever I watch a movie where the character is saying one thing, but when you read their lips something completely different is said. Whenever I see that it loses my attention"

Another example:

"If a movie has a character that is supposed to be a strong man, but is played by a relatively small man (usually because he is a popular actor at the time), or if a character is supposed to be a teenager, but the actor or actress is obviously not a teenager, these types of things make the movie seem awkward to me. "

"What about the characters themselves? They must fit the part. If youplay a strong man you should look the part."
----Almost word for word!

Last example:

"I own over one-hundred movies, and I have seen many more movies than that, so movies have become pretty predictable to me. A scary movie will have a couple of the main characters die, but the star will usually live. In a love story the couple will have some sort of relationship turmoil and then resolve it and presumably live happily ever after. For a movie to become one of my favorites it must go beyond the traditional movie and surprise me in some way. If a movie can do this it can quickly become a favorite of mine."

"Most films are so predictive almost always you can guess what will happen next. A good film keeps you guessing... but guessing wrong. It should keep you on the edge of your seat."

Am I just over reacting? Or does it seem like she stole my stuff?? We only had to have four criteria in our opening assignment and she used all four of the same ones I wrote about. It just seems like too much to be a coincidence to me..
I don't know what to do.. do I tell the teacher? I don't want to get her in trouble, but I don't want him thinking that I wrote it for her or told her what to write..
Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do about this? And please tell me if you think I am over reacting..


  1. Uh, I'd be P*! That is why I don't let anyone see my stuff. I just tell them I am not sure where it is or I don't have it, or maybe later. I would say something. Although, from what you say she wrote vs. your, he will be able to tell since yours has more detail. She can't just go through college doing that. =(

  2. Your not over reacting...she straight out cheated. I mean doesnt sound like that difficult of a topic...she couldnt come up with her own ideas. She will lose in the end.

  3. She didn't even do it right. You weren't supposed to write anything about that stuff in your actual first draft. You were only supposed to write about the purpose of the movie. So she plagiarized for nothing. I sent my teacher an email asking him to look over both my opening assignment and her first draft. I can't believe she was dumb enough to hand it to me!

    And as far as letting her see it, I thought she was my friend so I never thought she would steal it from me.. I would never do that to her or anyone!