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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Thank you Jessica, Kaedyn, Charleigh, Drew, and little Ellanoa! We got your package today :) I hope you don't mind.. I went ahead and let Grace open it because she was too excited. She wanted in it so bad lol. Also, the card was beautiful! I will definitely put it in Grace's baby book :)
Also, I loved reading your note :) Sorry mine wasn't hand written.. you wouldn't have been able to read it if I did lol. I am cursed with being left handed, and my hand writing is awful! Lol.

Anyway.. Grace loves the Wheel Pal!! She also loved opening it! She thought the bow looked yummy lol.

Thank you guys so much!


  1. Im SO glad she liked it. I hope that is the big ones you were talking about. We kept seeing big ones for boys but none for girls so that is why it took a little bit to find and get to you. Also my wrapping isnt to good...sorry about that. And sorry about putting it in a diaper box..LOL!!! Im glad you liked the card and sorry if the letter was too long. I hope she has fun playing with it. I dont know if you know but if you push on the front it makes noise :) Sorry I know it isnt much. I wish I could have gotten more.

  2. It's great! She loves it. She has been playing with it all night lol. She like to push it, and then walk over to it and push it again.
    Those are really hard to find! I am seriously wondering if they aren't making them for girls anymore, and just selling what they have left.
    The letter wasn't too long, ad your wrapping was fine lol. It's not like that was easy to wrap lol. And I promise you didn't even have to get her anything, so that was plenty, and her card was precious :)

  3. Im glad she likes it. I was sooo worried. Happy Bday Grace!!!