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Monday, November 1, 2010


Sadly it's over :( But we had a great time!! I talked about going to Cayle's party and trunk-or-treating in my last post, but I didn't elaborate much. So, Grace had a really good time at Cayle's party. Her and Sami were adorable playing together. Sami was feeding her and walking with her, it was so cute. We need to get together more often now that they can actually play together :) And then her and Cayle were playing together after he opened his presents. She kept trying to walk off with the green ball he got lol. After his party we went to Chris' mom's house and washed her costume (from her tumm problems), and then met Erica, Adam, and Cayle again to go trunk-or-treating. We went to two different churches, and they got to play some games and get some candy :) Grace was a pumpkin witch for this day, but she didn't really care for the hat. She is going through that stage where she doesn't like anything on her head :( Lol.

Then, for Halloween we dressed Grace and Ollie up to go to some more trunk-or-treats, but we took Crystal and Andy from down stairs and my sister with us. I figured it would be crazy because my sister can act out sometimes, and we had never been anywhere with Andy and Crystal before, but it actually went really well. We went to three trunk-or-treats, and two of them were big ones, so they got a lot of candy, and we even got free hot dogs at one of them. Unfortunately I left my camera at home. I was so sad.. These are the pics I tried to take when we got home, but Grace was tired and done..
She was not having her picture made lol.

Sorry about the flash. I was going to turn it off and take another, but she didn't let that happen.

Atleast Ollie let me take his.. Chris used that temporary spray hair dye, and dyed him purple lol.

The really weird thing was, we had five people come up and ask if they could take a picture of him lol.

And then, they both crashed..

I thought this was adorable lol.


  1. Ha Ha. Very cute! Sami wasn't having her costume either at first. You're right. We should get together sometime. It's been awhile. =) Anyway, I think it is cute that your dog will wear clothes! Ha Ha.

  2. So very cute!!!!! Glad she had fun. I know it sucks that it is over. It is sooo sad. I love halloween with the babies. O and ollie is adorable!!!! I love the one of them sleeping!!!