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Sunday, November 7, 2010

I can finally talk about Christmas!!

So the mall and Wal-Mart and I'm sure lots of other places are decorating for Christmas! I love this time of year! From Halloween to New Years is my favorite time of the year! Chris and I are going to start buying more of our decorations now :) We decided that it is going to be our family tradition to decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving every year. So that means we only have 19 days left to get all of our Christmas decorations! That is just crazy! We are going to go Tuedsay and look for our ornaments.. we still need Grace's, Ollie's, mine, Chris', and our family one. We are going to Halmark for mine, Chris', and Grace's, and we are going to this place in the mall that personalizes ornaments for our family one.. we got one there last year. Not sure where we are getting Ollie's yet. We also have to get stockings for everyone (except Grace bcause we still have hers from last year). But I know what I want to put in everyone's stocking... for Ollie we are going to get some dog treats and bones (he doesn't play with toys for some reason).. for Grace I am going to put some of the medium sized Wheel Pals (I already have 4 of them for her), some juices, some yogurt bites, and some fruit bars.. and for Chris I am going to put LOTS of Reece's (he is addicted to them), some gloves for working on cars, and some cologne from Rue 21 (it smells soooo good!).. also I told Chris to put Nerd's Rope, some different make-up things, and a pro-life bumper sticker in mine.
I really don't know what I want as a present for Christmas though.. but I'll have to come up with something because Chris, bless his heart, is one of those people who is horrible about picking out good presents. He used to be great at it, but now he has gotten me earrings, two necklaces, and a bracelet, so he thinks he can't get jewelry anymore lol, and he's kind of lost without it.

I have a pretty good idea of what I want to get for Grace and Chris though.
Grace got Toy Story 3 for her birthday and she LOVED it, so we want to get her the first two for Christmas and we also want to get her the Barney Christmas movie because she also loves Barney, and I want to get her the IPlay Fairyland Playhouse that goes with the other Fairy playset she already has has. And I want to get her som curtains for her room. And I may get her a ball after seeing how she reacted to Cayle's ball at his birthday party lol. We also already have two sets of five small Wheel Pals we are going to give her.

As for Chris I think I have decided to get him a Kinect..
Speaking of Kinect... Brittany and Erica - your Jessise and Adam convinced Chris he needed an Xbox again at Grace's party lol. However, he was actually smart about it.. Adam told him about the sale they were having, so he bought a used one and got it for like half off and it came it Halo Reach for free which is like a $50 value.. so it was actually pretty cheap compared to what they usually are. So now he has an Xbox, but it actually helped me a little with his Christmas present because now I know what to get him lol. (Please don't tell Adam or Jessie what I am getting Chris because I don't want him finding out).
I also want to get him a subscription to a car magazine that he likes because I found a two year subcription that is only like $20..

We already ordered my dad's present.. we got him a set of 14 coins from the US Mint.. (he collects coins).
We are going to to get my mom the 4th season of Lost, Chris' brother a Gamestop card, my sister some arts and crafts stuff, Chris' mom a DVD of all of the videos we have of Grace (that is what she asked for), and we aren't sure what to get my brother yet.. but we know almost everyone's. We are doing good. I decided we are just going to have one big shopping day sometime between now and the end of the month and we are going to get everything we need in one trip.

I can't wait for Christmas!!

UPDATE: I asked Chris what he wanted to get Grace for Christmas and he said he wanted to get her Toy Story 1 and 2 as his presents, and he just ordered them off of He was excited lol.


  1. Ha Ha. I LOVE Christmas. We decorate and go get a tree the day after Christmas. Our family ornament is going to be Toy Story because we LOVE Toy Story! Ha Ha. Samantha just got part 3 today, so she has all of them. We sat down and had a marathon. =p I am getting Jessie Kinect too, but I won't tell him about you getting it for Chris. =) Haven't bought any other gifts though except for some things on sale. Jessie doesn't like doing ANYTHING for Christmas before Thanksgiving. It sucks. =(p

  2. I figure Chris wants the Kinect and instead of him being in his own little game bubble all the time maybe it will be something we can do together (even Grace one day too). It is a little more than I was wanting to spend, but I think it will be worth it. I was reading reviews about it and people seemed to like it, but I figure I better get it soon because when it gets closer to Christmas I bet they will start disappearing.

    I like doing my shopping before Black Friday because after that the good stuff is hard to find.

  3. Ha Ha. Ya. Sami LOVES playing video games with us! She is pretty good at Nintendo. She doesn't actually understand the point, but she can use the controller pretty well.

    I would Love to go shopping on Black Friday, but I have never gotten to.

  4. We got Kaedyn toy story 3 for xmas. He loves toy story. Drew would love a xbox and kinect. He saw one this weekend and fell in love but we never get presents for each other because we rather buy more for the babies. Not to mention it is a littler tighter with Ely coming only 4 days before. I am so excited to show her the tree. She will like looking at the bright lights even if she cant really see the colors yet. We dont put up the tree until right before xmas like a week and a couple days and then we take it down that day. We both really dont like xmas and cant stand all the decorations...i think it comes form both of our childhoods with dramatic xmases. HAHA but we do love seeing the babies open presents and seeing them all happy.

  5. Aww you don't like Christmas?? I LOVE Christmas time!
    I never had dramatic Christmases though. They were always happy in my family.

  6. I like the idea of it but with our families it is just such a stressful time. UGH...if it could only be just us and the babies without the drama of our crazy families.

  7. Thanksgiving is the one I dislike most.. I wanna stay home and watch the parade, but no.. we have to be at my aunts at 12 and she lives an hour and a half away. Then this year we have to leave her house at 4 to get to Chris' aunts by 5. It's just too much for one day. And now Chris' mom is mad because we said we can't go to her husbands parents house on Thanksgiving. She wants me to completely cut out my fsmily and go there and Grace isn't even blood related to them??

  8. I know what you mean. We are all over the place with our family and trying to take to toddlers everywhere is hard. They get very fussy. exspecially if they skipped a nap and then people will ask why are they acting like that or whats wrong with them and look at us like we cant control our children but its because they have been going all day and are just worn out.