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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More formula vs. milk issues.

I am really getting confused here.. she seems almost to be getting worse. It is really weird because we had her switching between formula and milk for a week with no reaction at all, so I thought this was going to be a breeze, then she threw up those two times the day before Halloween... once after having formula and milk mixed, and once after just havig formula. Then Halloween we gave her only milk and water.. she had AWFUL diarrhea. It was like water, but we stuck with the milk because at least there was no throwing up.
Then this morning she threw up all over our bed, so I was like "Okay it is the milk." So just a minute ago I gave her mostly formula with some milk mixed in, and as soon as she drank it she threw it all back up.. all over me!!! Eww.. that is the first time in my life I have ever been thrown up on.
Anyway.. I don't know what to do. I can't win for losing. I give her a mixture she throws up, I give her just formula she throws up, I give her just milk she throws up. Ironically she seems to be doing best with plain milk?? It really seems that the formula is messing her up now because as soon as I give it to her she throws it right back up.. whether it's formula by itself or mixed, but when I give her milk she can manage to keep it down for awhile at least.
Is it possbile to put water and milk together? Maybe dilute it a little bit. Or is that bad?
Please help! Her tummy and my clothes wiil appreciate it lol.


  1. You said she was on soy mixing soy and regular milk isnt going to be to pretty. Also she is going to be throwing up with wasnt going to cure the problem...but help introduce her stomach to milk more easily. Believe me I went through months of throwing day fine the next day not so good. If she is doing better on plain milk by itself than try just giving her plain milk...she will still get sick and like I said it may take months for her to completely get over stomach issues. The best thing to do is pick a method and stick to it because trying a bunch of different things will just upset her stomach. The milk and water thing...I say try but not to much water because she needs mostly milk and it will be like she is drinking 2% or lower which is not recommended for a baby under 2.

  2. I would just take her off the formula all together. That is what we did with Samantha and had no problems. The switching back and forth and mixing is probably upsetting her stomach more, but you may want to call the doctor and make sure. (By the way, did you change her doctor since you moved?)

  3. Brittany.. no we didn't change doctors. We still go to Tinsley. However, I did call yesterday.. it was after hours though and they never called me back even though I left a message for the on call doctor. I don't know if they just didn't think it wasthat important or not..

    We have been giving her milk with some water mixed in and she has been doing good, so I think we are going to stick with that.