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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Having doubts, but I am too nice.

Okay, so on an earlier post I mentioned having the girl come take pics at Grace's party. I am having strong doubts that it will be a good idea. My first doubt came from the fact that she did not even show up at Cayle's party.. no word on why.. she just didn't show up.
Then the day after Cayle's party Chris accidentally butt dialed her number, but he didn't think it had rang yet, so he hung it up.. about 2 minutes later she called back, and Chris was trying to tell her he was sorry, that he didn't mean to call her. And she just kpt asking how he got her number. He told her it was my number and that we were going to have her a Grace's party, and she asked him something and he goes "She knows more about that than I do." and he handed me the phone, and I said "hi" and she rudely asked, "How did you get my number? I don't give my number out to customers." I was like "Well you texted me the other day to tell me that you had gotten the invite to Grace's party, so I saved it so I would know who you were." and she goes "Ohhh Christina?" Ummm DUH! Chris only told you like six times that it was my number and we were hiring you for Grace's party. The rest of the phone convo was pretty civil, so I just kind of shrugged it off.

I guess I should mention this before I tell you the rest.. the girl will not leave me alone. Even since before Grace's party she had sent me a couple messages about wanting to do pictures.. in fact, she was the one who contacted me about doing Grace's party.. and ever since I have agreed to let her do Grace's party I have gotten a message at least every other day (sometimes two days in a row) saying she wanted to get Grace to come to some gazebo she knows of and get a little cake and take some pics.. I have tried to tell her I don't have time. I mean I am either in school, at work, cleaning, or getting things ready for her party lately.
Then today, I posted the professional pics of Grace on my facebook and I got a message from her saying,

"I got a question. How come we didn't do that shoot at the gazebo? with the cake and stuff? that was my idea. Anyways, am I still doing pictures saturday?"

Am I the only one who thinks that sounds really rude? I mean for starters what is it her business? And I always get Grace's professionals done at JC Pennies because they always do a great job, and they are patient and kind. And she acts like I stole her cake idea.. I had nothing to do with the props they chose, and I'm pretty sure that is a standard prop for a 1st year photo shoot.
Anyway.. for some reason I can't be mean, so I told her about how we had that appointment for Grace for over a month and that I always use them and I told her that she could come if she still wanted to. You know what she said??
"I will still come if you are still going to pay me."
Who says that? I really don't want her there, but I can't be mean.. it is just not in my nature. What should I do?
I am sort of hoping she just won't show up like she did with Cayle's party, but if she does I can guarantee that I will not be using her again. I don't care if you are not technically a professional.. I am still a customer and you do not treat customers this way!


  1. Umm...ya. That is definitely a standard prop. Trust me, I know it is hard to be mean, so lie! Ha Ha. Just tell her something came up or you decided to spend your extra money on another gift for Grace because you don't want her to ruin Grace's 1st birthday party. And she sounds annoying enough to stress you out 5 times as much before the party.

  2. Personally I would just tell her that I no longer needed her there. But whatever you are comfortable with. Sometimes Drew does my dirty work too :)