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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It's finally over!! I really thought my head was going to explode with eveything I had to do today, but I made it through. Everyone loved my mashed potatoes and Chris' turkey. I figured we would doawful because it is our first year, so I am really happy everything went well..
We had 14 people in our little apartment. It was very crowded, but everyone got along well (which is amazing considering last year they all hated each other). And believe it or not.. everyone took food home, and we STILL have food to last us for a week!

Now I can focus on Christmas!! YAY! I got Grace her final presents.. I got her two wooden puzzles. One animal one, and one fairytale one. And I got her some curtains. I also got her some bubble bath and a pack of balloons for her stocking.

Also, my dad got this for Grace. I really wanted to get it for her, but we had already gotten her a ton of presents, so my dad got it, and he gave it to her as an early Christmas present. I LOVE it! and so does Grace lol.


  1. Aw, that is awesome! Are you going to keep having Thanksgiving there every year now?

  2. I'm not sure.. we did it here thisyear because my aunt has been having a lot of medical problems and family issues this year, so she didn't feel up to it. I would like to keep doing it though because ever since my parents split I have never got to spend Thanksgiving with my mom or her side of the family. It was nice to actually get to and I would like to continue to. And everyone was civil with each, which amazes me!

  3. Same here. I want to do it every year, not sure if we will though. We did it this year because of my Papaw's health problems. My Nana just had too much to do. My Papaw is having another surgery soon and she is really on edge.

  4. Yea my aunt has had some medical problems for awhile now, but they have gotten worse recently. Plus her son got in a lot of trouble at his school the other day. But I like it this way.. they live an hour away, so thank-God we didn't have to drive that far, and we didn't have to go to Chris' aunt's either. We just kind skipped out on them lol.