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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Update on Grace..

She is learning things so quickly! She tried to put her shoe on the other day! It was so cute. I had no idea that she realized that is what a shoe was for lol. Speaking of shoes.. She can walk in her shoes really well now! No more fighting with that :) She is also sleeps in her bed pretty well now. Some nights she wakes up an she wants in the bed with us, but she is doing pretty well. She is also sleeping either threw the night or for at least 6 hours every night. It is so nice lol.
Other things.. she has now learned that keys go to doors. She will pick up keys and take them to the door. It is cute :)
And the other day the battery covering had come off the remote and she picked it up, walked across the room to the remote, and tried to put it on.. it is so funny to watch her try to put things where they go.
She also booty dances now lol. I will try to get a video of that because it is hilarious!
And another thing that I think is adorable is whenever Chris is leaving she will walk up to him and say "bye" but she's not telling him bye.. she's saying she wants to go "bye" lol. It's sad though because when he has to leave without her she will cry.

As far as Christmas we are doing pretty well.. I only have two things left that I want to get her.
We got her Toy Story 1 and 2, Barney: A Night BeforeChristmas, Barney: Halloween Party, an IPlay fairyland Playhouse (from Target), some Little People animals (my dad has the Little People Noah's Ark for her), a Tinker Bell sippy cup, two things of 5 small Wheel Pals, 4 single medium Wheel Pals. I still need to get the curtains and a ball for her. And the stuff for her stocking.

I always do my Christmas shopping early to make sure I get every thing I wanted. I have learned from experience that I won't if I wait.. I got Chris' present, my sister's, my brother's, my dad's, my mom's, and Chris' brother's. Besides the small things I have to get for Grace and Chris we still have to get two of my cousin's something, two of Chris' cousin's something, and something for the Chinese girft swap at Chris' family's Christmas dinner.
We got almost all our Christmas decorations.. we just need the tree now and we know which on we want :)
I am soooo excited for Christmas!! I can't wait :):)


  1. That sounds awesome. We got Kaedyn another present today...he is so easy to shop for...but yea that puts Kaedyn at 16 presents and the girls at 12 and 13. UGH.... i have to catch up...we know 2 things that we have to get for Ellanoa which is a My first Bible and a xmas teddy bear that has the year 2010 on it. We got both Kaedyn and Charleigh those things for their first xmas. The bible is important because xmas is about Jesus and so what better way to represent that. We are reaching for 50 presents but it doesnt look like that is going to happen but if we only make it to 20 presents each than I will be long as some of them are like super good presents.

  2. That is the best part of watching Sami grow. It blows my mind when she does something that I didn't even realize she was aware of. And since she is talking more, it is funny to hear her talk how Jessie and I talk. She was talking about our lizard and she said, "Lucky is just CHILLIN in his cage." =p

  3. @Jessika.. we got Grace a children's Bible for her first Christmas too.. how funny!

    @Brittany.. Sami is just too cute! And soooo smart! YOu have raised her well :)