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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Playworld and Grace's birthday party :)

So we went to Playworld on Thursday. It was a really neat place! And we dscovered that Grace really is a little daredevil. The only complaint I have is that they had the heat on! Yea, it was cold outside, but when you are running around (either as a kid, or a parent running after a kid) it gets HOT.. we were burning up, but Grace didn't seem to mind lol. Another complaint I have (not about Playworld iself) is this one mom who was sitting at a table not paying her two kids one bit of attention. The little boy was asking everyone for money, and when someone would tell him they didn't have any he would start kicking and turning things over. And the little girl was just mean. She was picking specifically on Grace.. where ever Grace went she would block her and say "this is my house" or if Grace crawled in one of the sections she would say "get out of my room!" It was so annoying. I was trying to be nice, but it was getting to the point where I was like "This place is for everyone to play. It is not your house."
But anyway.. Grace LOVED it. She was going down the big slides all by herself and she loved it! She is definitely getting that from Chris because I am terrified of heights and pretty much anything adventurous! Lol.

This is Grace trying out her bubble maker. I just thought it was cute :)

And then today was her birthday party. Unfortunately that picture girl did show up.. and would you believe she brought some guy with her and they both dug into our food?? I will NEVER use her again.. once I get my pictures I am deleteing her from my facebook. However, I am kind of glad that she came because my mom forgot her camera and I didn't have time to take pictures, so at least we got some.. even if most of them were from the seat where she was sitting and eating.
The party itself was awesome though. Right at 30 people showed up, which was a pretty good turn out. I was a little behind schedule, so I was still making the food when everyone got there.. but I got everything together pretty quickly (even before everyone got there). When everyone got there we ate, and then Grace opened her presents, and then she had her cake.  She did really good for all of it! I don't have any pics of the party yet (because I am waiting for that chic), but I do have pictures of all the presents and of how it looked when we got the bare minimun set up, so here they are lol.

The picture is of of everything that she got for her birthday, so it includes the Wheel Pal that Jessika sent,  the potty that my Aunt and cousin sent, and the stuff we gave her on her actaul birthday.

All together she got 9 Wheel Pals and a Wheel Pals artic playset, Toy Story 3, Veggie Tales (The Wizard of Hoz), 2 birthday ducks, the potty, the bubble maker, the Little People Fairy Treehouse, the Little People School House, a kitty puppet, 4 stuffed animals, a drum, the Little Tikes Castle play gym, Snow White, a Snow White baby doll, a Baby Alive, a Nursery set, a Laugh and Learn Tea Set, a baby worship CD, a Little Peope Birthday DVD, a pretend tool box, 8 outfits, one shirt, and one jacket.

I will update with pictures of the actual party when(if) I get them.


  1. Ya. I thought that was the woman. I could not believe how rude she was! I saw that she was eating and had that guy with her and I was like, "Seriously?" She acted like she was a guest there and she was advertising herself! She was handing her cards to everyone. Anyway, like I said, I will get the rest of Gracie's present to you. I thought we were going to be late, so I just ran inside and couldn't find a bag, so I was really upset and just forgot about the rest. Ha Ha. Play World looked fun. The first time we went was with Kylie Jade and Sam had broke her hand a few days before, so she couldn't really do much, but the next time we went with Jessie and she had a blast in the big area. I hate when people don't watch their kids! And it really bothers me when they have really little kids and they won't play with them...

  2. Yea would you believe shegave Erica a card?? I mean did she just not recognize her or did she honestly think Erica would use her again after what she did to her?? And then when she wanted to leave she goes "how are you going to pay me?"
    At least she was nice to Grace..
    It jus pissed me off that they ate my food. They were not guest and she never even told me she would be bringing someone else with her.
    They got their like 30 minutes early and when they walked in I was afraid Graysville had double booked the place because I never expected someone else to be with her.

    And it's fine about the presents. I had a dress I meant to give you lol.

    And those kids were only six (I know the girl was six and I think they were twins).. still plenty young enough for the parents to play with.. it sort of looked like she might have been studying, so maybe that was the only chace she had tostudy, but she didn't even check every once in awhile to see if they were behaving, which they weren't lol.
    If you noticed the little girl going down the slide in the one video that was her.. most of the time she wouldn't let Grace down the slide unless she went too..

  3. Sorry about all my typos.. my keyboard has been ridiculous lately.

  4. Ha. Ya. My keyboard does that too.

    I can't believe she gave Erica one. I wonder why she blew her off. That is just so weird.

  5. Sounds fun other than the chic. Wow grace got a good bit of presents. And it really looks like she enjoyed playworld.