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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today was my baby girl's first birthday! She turned one at exactly 4:28pm :)
Unfortuntely I had to go to my classes today, but I got out early, which was a blessing. When I got home Grace was still asleep so I finished her cupcake cake (I made the cupcakes last night). It didn't come out great, but 'm not a professional or anything so I was pretty happy with it.
We had an appointment at 4:20pm to have a her 1st birthday/halloween pictures done.. but I figured she would do awful because if I am in the room she usually wants to be in my arms, but she did GREAT! I was so proud of her. She even did good after we changed her outfit. I figured she wouldn't have anymore after that, but she is full of surprises.
After we finished her pictures we took her to eat at Shogun (it's one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook the food in front of you). She LOVED watching him cook the food. Then we let her try out the cupcake cake.. she didn't know what to think of it lol. She just kept poking it, but then she realized it tasted good lol. We also let her open four presents today.. her Snow White doll, Snow White DVD, Octopus bubble maker, and her two birthday ducks. She sat in daddy's lap to open them, and she actually helped him. It was so cute! There were five other people at the table with us and they were all laughing and saying how cute she was, and they were cheering for her when she was going for the cake and opening presents. It was so funny.. Grace is such a people person lol.
After tha we went to Chris' mom's for a minute, and then went home. It was such a nice day. And we still have more. Tomorrow we are going to Playworld.. she has never been before, but I think she will like it :)
Then Friday we are going to set up for her party, and then Saturday is her party! I can't wait!

Anyway.. here's some pics.. her birthday dinner is on top and the professional ones are after that :)


  1. Such CUTE CUTE CUTE birthday pics! They turned out really well!!! Also, she will LOVE Play World. Trust me! That place is so awesome, Jessie begs to go back. In fact, we were talking about going soon because he misses it. Ha Ha.

  2. Oh, and the cake is REALLY nice. I can't bake, so I definitely couldn't do that. lol.

  3. Those are awesome pics. You had said saomething in your other post about you thinking that the Jcpenny 1 yr old setting is like the one they use alot and you are right. Mine both have the pictures with the cake. They also have the Carters outfits. O and I love the black and white background.Cute.HEHE!!!

  4. Thank you guys :) I was amazed at how well she did for the pictures.

    @Brittany.. thank you about the cake :)

    @Jessika lol yea we did use the same background didn't we? That's funny. I didn't even think about that.