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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Grace's dance.

We decided to let Grace try dance. She's been asking about gymnastics some, but she seemed to enjoy dancing, too and said that she wants to go back.

She did pretty well for her first lesson. She listened to the teacher (who is very nice), and tried her best to do all the moves. At the end of class, they got to pretend to be models on a runway, and Grace was right in there with all the other girls (all of them had been there before except one) grabbing crowns and feather boas for the pretend runway lol.

Also, the other new little girl was actually a little girl that was in Grace's gymnastics class, so they kind of stuck together when the little girl was out there (she spent a good bit of the class by her mom).

She is the one in the pink headband (third one from the right in both videos).


  1. OH MY GOD!!! She has Nikki! I Love her!!! ;p I am sure you know that by now.

    The videos were funny. The way Grace was moving her head...It made it look like she was doing it that way just to see her ponytail wiggle.

    1. Lol she probably was. She was watching herself in that mirror she whole time. Except for, at one point, she noticed that Ariel the Mermaid was on the wall behind she took off running, ran right up to Ariel, and started saying, "It's my mermaid!" She's got a thing for mermaids right now lol.

  2. Awesome!!

    I'm so jealous. I would love to put Kayelynn in dance, but I don't think she would do too good. Lol. She's a little.... Stuck to my hip.

    1. I don't know about the places near you, but I know most of the places around here will let you try a class for free to see how your child will do. The little girl from Grace's gym was trying the class.

      Maybe you could find somewhere like that where you live and see how it goes without having to pay anything.

  3. Megan, Samantha was the same way, but she is doing great at it now. It took a few classes for her to get used to it, but she has a ton of fun now. Have you thought about Kindermusik or something if you want to do a class with her?

  4. I know how hard scheduling everything can be. It's extremely hard. My school schedule is very busy.
    I love North Face. It's a big thing down here. Since like 2007. Kaedyn,cpCharleigh, and me all have north face jackets.

  5. Wow. This posted on the wrong post. Lol. Sorry.