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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The zoo :)

We took Grace to the zoo for the first time today. It was Chris, me, Grace, Brittany, Sami, Erica, and Cayle. Morgan and Christian were supposed to come to, but they didn't get to. It was still a lot of fun! I had to pick up Brittany, Sami, Chris, and the stroller, so we were about an hour late (I still feel awful about that Erica). Grace didn't really seem to care much about the animals, but she did like the bright, loud parrots. I think she just liked rolling around outside in her stroller more than anything. It did start raining for a little while, so we all sat under a pavilion, and apparently the peacocks are allowed to roam wherever they want because two of them came up under the pavilion with us. After we got done at the zoo we all went to eat and talk. It was really nice to spend some time with people again.. and use my car again lol.

When we dropped Chris off he wanted to show us his project car he has been working on so we let Grace visit with his mom while we looked. When we were about to leave I put Grace in her car seat and stepped back into a ditch. I twisted my ankle and fell down.. it hurt so bad at first it made me cry, and Chris got down on the ground with me and kept asking if I was okay and he was rubbing my ankle, and then when it stopped hurting so bad he insisted on helping me up, and helping me walk to my side of the car, and the whole time he kept asking if I was okay. It was really nice to see him care. I could tell he really was concerned for me. Luckily it doesn't hurt unless I try to walk fast or run, so I guess that's good. Anyway.. more good signs from Chris.

After that I took Brittany and Sami home, and Grace and I just got home not to long ago.. it was a really great day!!

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