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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thinking about friends..

My friends have always played an important role in my life. Whether they always turned out to be good friends or not I have learned something. Also, through my journey as a teen mother I have learned who my true friends are. I just wanted to share some about those friends...

I guess I'll start with the friend who has been there the longest..

We have been friends since we were in second grade. No matter what I can always count on her to be there for me if I need her. I even met Chris through her (he is her cousin). She always tells it to me straight.. she is not afraid to tell someone something they don't want to hear. It is not always welcome, but it is always true. We been through every boyfriend and heart break together, every family tragedy, and pretty much every experience possible. As far as I can remember we have never once had a fight, and that is what true friends are. People who can get along no matter what. People who can talk about anything and everything and know that they will never be judged. When I told her I was pregnant I kind of expected it to be one of her "tell it to me straight" moments, but she was completely understanding, and compassionate, and she loves Grace to death. She is one of my only friends who has stood by my side through all of this.

We have been friends since the beginning of junior year. I know that doesn't seem like very long, but we became very close very fast. This girl knows everything about me and I know everything about her. She is my very outgoing, loud, beautiful friend. Like seriously beautiful.. She was the first friend I told I was pregnant, and honestly I thought that it would be all over the school the next day, but being the great friend that Megan is she didn't tell anyone. She was there for me through it all, and she has been ever since. She has seen my ups and downs, and she has stood by my side the whole way. It doesn't matter to her that I have a baby. She always included me in everything.. her birthday dinner, going to eat for graduation, she always invited Grace and me, and didn't mind if Grace cried, and loved to play with her when she was happy. Now we are going to be starting college together soon, and I can't wait! It eases my fears to know that I am going to have a friend like her by my side.

She is a very special friend because not only was she there before I had Grace, but she had a baby right along with me lol. We were good friends before we were pregnant. We would talk about anything and knew everything about each other. We were there for each other through all the relationship ups and downs, and then we were there for each other for our pregnancies. She texted me and told me she thought she was pregnant.. I tried to tell her I was sure she wasn't until she took a test, and she was lol. Then a couple of days later I started thinking about it and I thought I might be, so she assured me I wasn't, until I took a test and I was lol. Funny how the world works.. we were only 3 days apart in our due dates, and we always talked about how funny it would be if they were born on the same day, but never actually believing it would happen, and then, like magic, we were both induced on Nov. 3rd, and they were born less than an hour apart. I feel like we were supposed to meet all those years ago, so that we would be there for each other through all of the hard times because we knew what each other was going through exactly. I feel that God has blessed me to have a friend like her that I can always talk to no matter what it's about. She is an amazing person, and a wonderful mother. Now not only will we always be friends, but hopefully our children will be as good of friends as we are.

This boy literally knows everything about me. We have had our rough patches, but the fact that we can work through them shows how strong we are. Even when we were supposedly not together we would still talk.. we would text each other about what was going on during the day. No matter how hard I tried not to think about him I would, and the thought of us not being together broke my heart. I can't imagine my life without him. But aside from him being my significant other he is my friend, not only my friend, my best friend. I have never felt so comfortable around a person. He just makes me feel calm. Whenever I am upset he can calm me down, and when ever I am sad he knows how to make me laugh. The love I feel for him is amazing. I have never felt a feeling so strong. Just the thought of him ever dying makes me clear up. We have a pack to die in our sleep at the same time when I am 117 and he is 121 lol. I know.. very unrealistic, but we can dream can't we? At least that way we would have a very long life together and neither one of us would have to feel the pain of losing the other. We are so perfect for each other that our names went together to create our daughters name. She is an amazing bond, that holds us together. We are a family.

Last, but not least,
This girl is amazing, there is nothing else to it. We have know each other the least amount of time, but some how in this short amount of time we have bounded very well. She has been there for me in more ways than I can count. She has given me stuff for Grace, she has given me tips about how to me a good mommy, time management, and fun family things to do, she has given me rides (well Jessie has lol), she has given my daughter her first friend (Sami), she has been there when I needed to talk, and been there for me to shop with lol. This girl has done everything for my daughter and me. She is an amazing friend, but she is an even more amazing mother. I learn things from her everyday. She has the patience of a saint, and more will than anyone I know. I am so glad I decided to message her after I found out she was pregnant. I was just hoping to have someone to confide in, someone who knew what I was going through, but I got so much more. I got a  wonderful friend that I never want to lose.

I have discovered that these people are my true friends.. they are there for me no matter what the problems, and they are there to share with me in times of joy. They never talk behind my back or talk bad about me. Without these people I would not be the person I am today without these people. They all mean the world to me.


  1. Oh, you are a doll. Thank You! I may write one of these. It is a pretty cool idea. But what would I say about Jessie? lol. Jk.

  2. This made me smile. I'm glad you're my bestiee. I love you girl. Cayle and grace are gonna be such good friends