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Saturday, June 12, 2010

I hate the heat...

The last time I got to drive my car before it broke down was when it was still cold outside.. I tried the air when we bought it and it felt cool.. well now that we got it running again I have discovered that it is not cold at all.. we tried putting freon (sp?) in it, but of course it couldn't be something simple like that.. we paid $40 for that stuff for nothing :(
So now we are riding around with no air conditioner in 90+ degree weather and it is miserable. Poor Grace hates it.. her little cheeks get flushed almost as soon as we get in the car and that is with the windows down..
We are going to take it back to the guy who just fixed it for cheap as soon as possible so Grace won't have to be miserable. But that also means I won't have my car again for however long it takes him to fix it..

Also, we are going to have Grace's pictures made on Wednesday!! Super excited about that :)


  1. Yah. I know what you mean. We didn't have air the entire Summer last year and Sami was Grace's age. We spent OMG like 175 dollars on Freon. And it was supposed to have stuff to block the leak. Evidently we had like a gigantic hole, not just a leak. lol.

  2. Oh My Gosh. And my window didn't roll down either. 8(