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Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacation!!!!! And a new bump in the relationship road..

Since we got my air conditioner fixed we my mom said we can go on vacation!!! We are going to go to stay in Pigeon Forge, Tn. There is tons of shopping there.. the main store I want to go to is the Carter's Outlet!! Grace will be styling lol. Also we are going to go see the exact replica of the Titanic.. I know it sounds sort of boring, but it looks really neat! And we are going to drive to Gatlinburg and walk around.. you can't not walk around Gatlinburg lol. The hotel we are staying in has a pool too so Grace will love that! I can't wait!!! We are leaving next Monday morning!! Chris isn't going though :( It makes me sad, but it's a girls weekend. It's just my mom, my sister, my nana, Grace, and me, and we will only be gone for a few days, so it won't be too bad. The worst part is we are all going to have to ride in my tiny car... I'm dreading that. There's enough seats, but everyone is going to be crammed.

Also, just when everything is getting good with Chris of course my life gets complicated. When I was a freshman I was friends with this guy named Kevin.. he was my best friend and to this day he is still the best friend I ever had.. My other best friend was this girl named Pristine and we both thought he liked her. One day he told me that he needed to tell me something and I was like "You like Pristine don't you?" He looked at me kind of funny and he was like "No, not her.. you." I was pretty much blown away.. no one ever saw that coming.. but I didn't feel that way about him, and I told him I just wanted to be friends.. every once in awhile it would come up, but for the most part it wasn't awkward at all. We were great friends, we were always together. People would call my phone looking for him because they knew we would be together, and then in tenth grade I met Chris. We started dating and after we dated for about a week I told Kevin. He said he would totally cool with it, but you could see it plainly on his face that he wasn't. My friend Laura was there and even she said you could tell. After that he started not showing up for school as much.. we started drifting apart. Eventually he made the decision to drop out of school. I saw him in the parking lot and asked him what was up and he said that he was too far behind on his work (he was 18 and a sophomore), and that he would have had to pass everything that semester to graduate. I cared about him so much that I offered to do his work for him. I know that is wrong, but it was such a shame to see him drop out. Of course he wouldn't let me, and then from then on we drifted further and further apart, but then randomly he would text me out of the blue, or message me, or we would run into each other and start talking again. Then Chris would get mad because he knew that Kevin liked me, so we would eventually lose touch again. We haven't talked since probably December of last year, and then all of a sudden he texted me yesterday (I have had the same number since freshman year). He said he needed a friend, someone to talk to. We talked for awhile, but I knew I had to tell Chris. I have hid it before because of his reactions, but it just always felt like I was betraying him, so today I told him. At first he was upset, but we actually talked about it (which is amazing because before that would have been a huge fight that was never resolved), and I told him that I promised not to hang out with him, and that if he started saying anything about liking me I would stop talking to him, and all I want to do is be a friend to someone who needs one. No romantic interest on my part at all. He seemed okay with that, but then Kevin texted me again today, and later Chris asked me if he did and I told him yes, and Chris kind of acted weird about it. I don't know what to do.. I don't want to jeopardize my relationship with Chris just when everything is getting so good, but I also don't want to hurt someone who used to be the best friend I have ever had. I miss being his friend.. I really do, but that is all I miss. I never had any interest in dating him. I wish Chris would trust that I won't let anything happen. Chris thinks Kevin will try something, but he can't do anything unless I let him and I would never do that. What should I do??

Also.. side note to Brittany.. I was telling my mom about how Sami calls your mom Dum for Grams and my mom goes "I hope Grace doesn't call me 'Dummy' for Grammy" lol.

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  1. lol. That is Hilarious! (as far as the Dum thing goes). As far as Kevin goes, I keep thinking Chris P., so sorry if my texts have confused you. I am not sure what you should do. I mean, I understand Chris is jealous. That's just how most people are. I am that way. But then, I know how I am and I don't want to hurt people. When Damian was messaging me-and he was an ex-I was irritated that Jessie was jealous.