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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No rest..

Yesterday we didn't have anything to do, but instead of resting I for some reason felt the need to clean. We have been going out so much lately I haven't had much time to clean so things were starting to pile up. I hate when that happens so I cleaned it all up yesterday, but then for some reason I decided to got through all of Grace's clothes and put all the stuff she can't wear anymore in boxes and pull out all of her new stuff. It took me forever to go through all her drawers and her closet. That girl has more clothes than I do. I did it while Grace was napping, so I had to stop several times when she woke up, but I finally got it done! There were four boxes of clothes and two bags of socks that don't fit her anymore. There was also another box of stuff I want to keep because we are going to have a quilt made out of her baby clothes, so I keep anything I think we might can use. I figured she wouldn't have much left now, but her side of the closet is completely full again! And her drawers are pretty full too. I cannot believe she had so much stuff!
We had lunch with Laura today.. Grace did really well at the restaurant, which lately she usually doesn't. Chris and I have changed our dinner date to Saturday though.

All these boxes are full of stuff she can't wear, and the other pic is of her side of the closet now.

Also, I get to pick up our family pics on Friday!!!

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