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Monday, June 21, 2010

So Grace is sick again... (also a bit about some people who killed their own children).

I thought we were going to have a couple days to relax at home, but Grace was just too sick, so I called the doctor and has them squeeze her in. She has an upper respiratory infection :( Nothing as serious as what she usually has though. Pretty much the equivalent of a cold, but she has an awful cough and constantly runny nose. This is her fifth time being sick, and she doesn't even go to day care. I just don't understand it, and I hate it for her. She is so pitiful when she is sick. The doctor says it should go away in about 4 days, but if it doesn't I have to bring her back. Once again they gave me no medicine for her, so we just have to wait it out. One of the girls at the front desk told me we should just move in there because we are there so much. That's how bad it is.

I hope she gets better soon.. We have a busy week ahead of us.
Lunch with Laura (one of my only friends with out a baby) on Wednesday,
Dinner date with Chris Wednesday night,
Going to Brittany's new place for the first time on Thursday (excited!),
then work on Friday (not the least bit excited).

Also, today I was watching TV, and there was this show on about notorious women criminals there were two different teen girls on there who were pregnant and hid it from everyone, and then one girl went into labor at a hotel and had her boyfriend throw the baby in the dumpster! They just let it die. The other girl had her baby in a bathroom at her school prom and threw it in the garbage can, then she went out and danced and ate and acted like nothing happened all while her baby was in the same building dying?? How could you possibly hold a living, breathing baby in your arms.. your baby, and not care one bit about it? I mean did these girls plan this? I normally would never advocate abortion, but in these poor babies cases I actually believe that would have been the better option.. one baby suffocated under a pile of trash, while the other starved to death. How can people be so cruel and heartless??
And then there was a woman who started dating a guy, but he didn't like her two little boys so she put them in their car seats and drove to a lake, got out, released the parking break, and let her car roll off in the lake, so her boys would drown. Then she told the police a black guy stole her car with her kids in it. She did all of this so she could have her boyfriend. I'm sorry, but no man will ever be that important to me.
And there was another woman who killed her two year old daughter, put her in the trunk of her car, and left her body in the woods. She was a beautiful little girl. And the woman always claimed she was with her grandparents or a babysitter, then the grandmother caught on so the girl said that she had been kidnapped a month ago, and she didn't tell the cops because they told her not to. The woman still swears she is innocent, so the police have no idea why she killed her daughter, but they have plenty of evidence that she did. She is awaiting trial now. I could understand if it was an accident, but this woman had been seen in several clubs partying like nothing was wrong since her daughters disappearance.
I just cannot fathom killing or letting my child die! What could possibly be wrong with these women? Even if my daughter died by accident I don't think I would be able to leave my house. I would probably want to die myself. I definitely would not be out partying. And I definitely would never cause her death. These people seriously must be possessed by the devil. The killing of a child is awful, but when someone kills their own child on purpose that is just absolutely heinous!

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  1. I don't see how people could do that. It kinda makes you speechless. I mean what do you say to an evil person like that. I mean I know some choice words but really... I hope they all rot in prison.