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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Is it too late?

Also.. guess who came crawling back yesterday..
Chris was supposed to come fix my belt on my car yesterday.. well he texted me in the morning and said "Good morning. I've been thinking about me and you." and I was like "What about?" figuring it would be something mean, and he said "I miss you." I just kind of left it at that and ask what time he was coming over. When he got here my mom's friend was here and she was playing with Grace so he pulled me outside and basically started begging me to get back with him. He says he realizes now that all the things I did for him were not to control him but to care about him and keep him out of trouble. He got a ticket and he said that is what made him start thinking. Before I was around he got tickets a lot, and the I would tell him to slow down, and he didn't get tickets. Then he got a ticket and started thinking that maybe I wasn't just nagging him.. maybe I really was trying to help (this is what he told me). He may lose his license for a year now because he has had so many tickets. He goes to court on  the 14th, I really hope he doesn't.

Ever since yesterday he has been being really sweet. He begged me to go out with him last night after I got off work. I finally gave in and he took me to eat, and gave me my graduation present, and we just talked. It was nice, but we could only stay out for about an hour because Grace was with my mom and she wanted me back home.
Today he was supposed to take Grace and me swimming, but my grandmother called and said that the guy would see my car today, but Chris couldn't get the belt on yesterday because he didn't have the right tools, so I called him to see what we could do, and he said we could rent a thing to tow it with at Uhaul for cheaper than actually towing it, and his friend would tow it for me. We went to rent one and it said his friends car wasn't capable of towing my car (which they towed a car heavier than mine from Atlanta just a week ago with the same thing), so we had to find someone with a bigger truck. We called Chris' mom, but of course she wouldn't help.. his friend ended up getting another friend to pull it. But all day Chris was being so sweet. He opened my doors for me, and sat in the back seat with me. He kept saying "I don't think we should date.. I think we should get back together and go on more dates than we did to work on our relationship," and I asked him what was going to keep us from fighting and he said "That's simple.. I' going to change. I realize now that everything I was doing was wrong and unfair to you and Grace." Tomorrow he is taking us swimming. I know that it is wayyyy too soon for me to decide that I definitely want to get back with him, but at least he is taking steps in the right direction. If he keeps it up he may just get his family back..

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